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Everything You Wanted to Know About Wireless Charging 

Years after it first appeared, wireless charging has finally arrived on the iPhone—but what is this magical charging method that’s been on other big phones for a couple of years now? And is it really all that superior to just plugging your phone into the wall every night? Here’s what you need to know about wireless charging, and the kit you need to make it work. Read More >>

Sony Patent Suggests The Future Is People Siphoning Off Your Phone Battery

A recent patent filing from Sony suggests they're looking into ways for phones to charge wirelessly off each other. Read More >>

It Definitey Looks Like the Next iPhone Will Have Wireless Charging

Apple just quietly joined Wireless Power Consortium, a group of 214 companies dedicated to promoting wireless charging through its “Qi” standard, fuelling rumours that the next iPhone will include the technology. Read More >>

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Dell’s New 2-1 Laptop Charges Wirelessly

Dell’s known for making fantastic laptops, but the company, in the past, hasn’t exactly been known for its innovation. So the new Latitude 7285 2-in-1 feels like a pretty damn delightful departure for Dell, as it’s the first 2-in-1 to gleefully embrace wireless charging. Read More >>

Mophie Brings Reliable Wireless Charging to the iPhone Before Apple Does

I hate cables. I’m not particularly crazy about aesthetics — my bedroom floor is currently covered with a nice, healthy layer of clothing and detritus — but when it comes to the charging cables of the various gadgets I own, I inevitably find myself deeply irritated by their rubbery, Medusa-esque tangles. Read More >>

Drop Dock Adds Magnetic MagSafe Style Charging to Android Phones (and iPhones Too)

Though it seems to be falling out of favour over at Apple, there’s a lot to love about the Cupertino company’s magnetic MagSafe MacBook charging ports. Snapping on satisfyingly and popping if if tripped off, they’ve saved many a MacBook from an early grave. Now a new Kickstarter project, the Drop Dock, looks to do the same for your phone. Read More >>

Wireless Charging for Electric Cars Is Nearly Useful

On the list of first-world problems, not being bothered to plug in your Tesla is very near the top. Luckily for lazy Model S owners, the US Department of Energy is on it. Read More >>

Apple Said to be Developing Contact-Free Wireless Charging for iPhone

Apple apparently wants to help you charge your iPhone no matter where you are in your home. A new report suggests that it’s building a new wireless charging technology that wouldn’t require direct contact with a power mat. Read More >>

Wireless Charging Standards Just Got Slightly Less Confusing, But Still Suck

While regular people have spent the last five years wondering what’s wrong with cables, the embryonic wireless charging industry has been battling over standards. Thanks to a recent industry shakeup, there are now only two different types of wireless charging for everyone to ignore. Read More >>

Qualcomm’s Wireless Charging Just Got Better

Rezence, Qualcomm’s horse in the wireless charging standards war, just got a handy upgrade: it will now work in phones with metal backs. Read More >>

All RC Toys Should Wirelessly Charge While Parked Like This Race Car

If you think just dropping your phone on a desk and having it start automatically charging is cool, imagine the day when electric cars can wirelessly charge by just driving down the road. The technology exists, it’s just better suited to RC cars right now, as Qualcomm demonstrates. Read More >>

Experimental Households in Seattle Have Their Tech Charged By Wi-Fi

Wireless charging isn’t anything new, but it usually requires direct contact if not cables. But in Seattle, six houses have been rigged up to provide power to small devices using Wi-Fi routers. Read More >>

Duracell Doesn’t Understand Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is one of those handy things that’s almost been about to go mainstream for five years now. But Duracell is tired of waiting for the wireless charging revolution. Duracell wants you to wirelessly charge by plugging in this dongle instead. Wait, what? Read More >>