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Watching Robots Make Tiny Springs is Wonderfully Hypnotic

This is easily the best video to spend your eyeball time on today. That’s partly because it’s wonderfully shot and reveals the inner workings of the machines. But it’s mostly because it’s a bunch of robots making tiny springs. Read More >>

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This Wire-Bending Machine is Stupefyingly Clever

Seriously. Watching this awesome machine bend wires in different shapes puts my brain into deep whadafuhhh mode. The manufacturer claims it is the fastest wire bending machine in the world. I don't know if that's true or not, but it's unreal. Read More >>

O2 Bringing Back the Problem of “Crossed Lines” to a New Generation

Sporadic reports have been complaining of crossed lines on the O2 network, with the people of Birmingham apparently getting routed into and able to eavesdrop on the odd Scottish call. Read More >>

An Iron and Steel Mill Company Decided to Make a Calendar Filled with Naked Girls and Melted Metal

For some reason, a Belarusian iron and steel mill made a calendar using its naked women workers. That's sort of normal, I guess. But the iron and steel mill wanted to make sure anyone who saw this calendar knew it was theirs by superimposing images of melting metal, wire looms, burning steel, cables, fences and anything else you would never associate with a beautiful woman on their naked skin. It's hilariously weird. Read More >>

Ofcom Borrowing Wireless Spectrum From the MoD to Meet Olympic Demand

Ofcom predicts that demand for wireless radio connections will "more than double" during the London 2012 Olympics, with around 20,000 separate wireless frequencies buzzing through the ether to keep everyone connected to everyone else. Read More >>