Three Legendary Marvel Comics Covers Are Getting the Limited Edition Poster Treatment

Starting later today you can get Amazing Fantasy #15, Uncanny X-Men #1, and The Incredible Hulk #181 for $40 (£32) each. Now, they’re limited edition posters instead of the actual comics – but for most of us, that’s probably as close as we’ll ever get to owning those legendary issues. Read More >>

Scientists Figured Out Why Our Mouths Heal So Freakishly Fast

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health think they’ve uncovered just why the mouth heals so easily. Their findings, published Wednesday in Science Translational Medicine, might even help us discover how to make the rest of our body heal quicker, too. And all they had to do was (slightly) hurt some innocent people. Read More >>

Deadpool 2 Proves There’s No Excuse Not to Include Queer Superheroes on the Screen

Deadpool 2 revels in pointing out many of the overused narrative beats that other comic book movies tend to rely on when the writers decide to phone it in. Interestingly, the film’s shadiest dig is also one of its most progressive messages. Read More >>

Hugh Jackman Didn’t Know Wolverines Were Real Animals Until After He Started Shooting X-Men

We hear stories about actors being cast as superheroes who have never picked up a comic book all the time, but Hugh Jackman took this a step further when he showed up for his Wolverine audition back in the late '90s for the first X-Men movie. He didn't even know wolverines existed — and he found out in the most delightfully awkward way. Read More >>

Logan Director Explains Lack of Post-Credits Scene, Though It Should Be Obvious

Director James Mangold is letting audiences know exactly why Logan, the final X-Men film for both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, doesn’t have a post-credits sequence. Although, honestly, it kind of goes without saying. Read More >>

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Wolverine Doesn’t Need His Claws to Be a Badass in This New Logan Clip

In this new clip from the third Wolverine movie, Logan (Hugh Jackman) has a friend who seems to be having some kind of land dispute. The man says he’s got a lawyer, but I don’t think he actually needs one. Pretty sure Logan’s got this one handled. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About X-23, and Why Her Appearance in Logan Is So Important

The first trailer for Logan dropped yesterday, giving us confirmation of the long-standing rumour that comic book hero Laura Kinney—a.k.a. X-23—will be in the movie. If that name doesn’t ring a bell for you, we’re here to help: it’s because little Laura could end up being the key to the future of Wolverine on the big screen. Read More >>

Here’s the First Trailer for Logan

We've been hearing bits and pieces about the third solo Wolverine movie, titled Logan, for the past couple of weeks. Now we finally get our first proper look at the film, in the form of a trailer. Read More >>

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The Evolution of Wolverine in Movies and TV

Wait, there was a Wolverine on screen before Hugh Jackman? No one is really sure. Hugh Jackman’s dominance of the character makes this video from Burger Fiction seem like a look into how well he’s aged, plus how buff he’s become.But we also get to see the cartoon character we all loved as a kid, along with parodies of Jackman’s Wolverine. Read More >>

We Now Know Who Will Play the Villain in Wolverine 3

Hugh Jackman has proclaimed that Wolverine 3 will be his final time playing the X-Men character that made him a star, and now we know who will be portraying his big adversary in the film: Boyd Holbrook, as “the chief of security for a global corporation” that’s after the titular hero. Read More >>

There Was Only One Decent April Fools’ Day Prank Yesterday, and This Is It

Friends, we’ve finally made it: The hellishly wearisome event that is April Fool’s Day is at its end. Many here at Giz despise this black day, but even our curmudgeonly souls got a smile out of this “prank” by the Canadian Library and Archives, which claimed to have dug up Wolverine’s military records from its collection. Read More >>

The 25 Coolest Comic Book Characters of All Time

What is the essence of cool? That’s a problem that has plagued philosophers since Clarkson and co tried to use a “Cool Wall” as an objective measure in Top Gear. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a go at trying to define it. Who decides what’s cool? We do, of course, Which is why we’ve compiled our picks of the 25 coolest characters in comics. These aren’t characters chosen for their heritage (sorry Superman, you’re just too earnest), these are characters picked because they don’t just look awesome, but they break rules and grab our attention. Read More >>

How to Build Your Own Muscle-Controlled Wolverine Claws

Part of Wolverine’s charm is his surly disposition, but the real reason we all love the X-men’s grumpiest Canadian is because of his bad-to-the-bone retractable claws. So here’s a tutorial on how to build a set of your own that extend and retract by simply flexing your arm muscles. Read More >>

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3D-Printed Wolverine Claws Turn Kids With Prosthetics Into Superheroes

A handful of enterprising engineers and artists are using 3D printers to design and build cheap but functional prosthetic hands for kids who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford them. And taking things one step further, Aaron Brown, a volunteer over at E-nabling The Future (the group behind the 3D-printed prosthetics initiative) took things one step further by designing a set of fake Wolverine claws to make kids wearing the prosthetics feel like superheroes. Read More >>

These Wolverine Claws Would be Perfect for Batman’s Armour

The ever-creative guys of Man At Arms: Reforged created Wolverine claws that Batman would wear, which means Wolverine's blades have been replaced with super sharp batarangs and the whole rig is armoured and blacked out just for the Dark Knight. Read More >>