Surprising Experiment Suggests Wolf Puppies Can Play Fetch

Scientists in Sweden have shown that some wolf pups, like dogs, are capable of playing fetch with humans. It’s an unexpected result, one that suggests the ancestors of dogs were primed for domestication. Read More >>

Found Frozen and Almost Perfectly Preserved in Permafrost, this 18,000-Year-Old Puppy Could Be a Huge Deal

The DNA of an exquisitely preserved puppy found in Siberia doesn’t appear to fit the profile of a dog or a wolf, which means the specimen might be something in between. Read More >>

10 Werewolf Movies to Watch Before the Next Full Moon

Being a werewolf is generally messy – there’s that agonisingly painful transformation process, the total loss of self-control, and just having to deal with all that fur everywhere. Lycanthropes are full of angst, and movies – including these 10 essential picks – have always appreciated that about them. Read More >>

Wolf Accidentally Reintroduced to Berkshire

This is quite a long shot, but if you're one of the type of things wolves eat and you live in or around Beenham in Berkshire you'd better be more careful than usual today, as a wolf has escaped. If you're buying sausages, keep them well wrapped and carry them above head height. Read More >>

Woman Stalked By Starving Wolf For 12 Hours Survives Harrowing Ordeal

Last Friday, Joanne Barnaby went mushroom picking in a forest near Fort Smith in the Canadian Northwest Territories. It was an inauspicious beginning to what would end up being a 12-hour ordeal, one involving a desperate wolf, swarms of mosquitoes, an unwitting bear cub—and a can of beer. Read More >>

This Painting of a Wolf Is Actually Hiding Three People in Bodypaint

Bodypaint artist Johannes Stötter is famous for hiding the human body in the shape of animals with the perfect amount of shading and the right mixture of paint. This time he painted three women into a sculpture of a wolf. If you’re looking closely, you can see the shape of the person on the wolf’s belly and back. But the head of the wolf is so well done that it hides the last bodypainted person wonderfully. Read More >>

Looks Like We Were Wrong About the Origins of Dogs

The precise origin of our canine companions is mired in controversy. But a new study suggests that dogs emerged from not one but two different populations of ancient wolves. What’s more, this dual domestication happened on opposite sides of the Eurasian continent. Read More >>

‘Rewilding’ the Earth: An Alternative to Conservation

'Rainforest' isn't usually the kind of word you'd associate with the ecosystems in the British Isles. But up until around six thousand years ago, when land began to be cleared by humans, temperate rainforest spanned much of what is now the United Kingdom. Read More >>

The Perfect Chair to Ride Out a Full Moon

As the story goes, a group of London designers got together to create a series of unique furniture pieces based on the Brothers Grimm's fairy tales. And the Wolf Within Shadow Chair is what Chris Duffy came up with. Read More >>

Wolves Mobile
Wolves Launches Mobile Network For Die-Hard Fans

Wolverhampton Wanderers are launching their own mobile phone network for die-hard Wolves fans. The MVNO, which'll fittingly run on Orange, is giving away free tickets to Wolves Vs. Stoke on the 17th December to SIM-buyers. Read More >>