Women of Colour Face a Staggering Amount of Harassment in Astronomy

The sciences are overwhelmingly hostile to women, and in astronomy, it’s doubly bad for women of colour. New research published yesterday in The Journal of Geophysical Research affirms what these women have been saying for years: As a result of persistent harassment by their male colleagues, many women of colour feel unsafe at work, attending conferences, and conducting field research. Read More >>

These Black Female Mathematicians Should Be Stars in the Blockbusters of Tomorrow

The hallways of maths and science history are overflowing with the achievements of white men, from Sir Isaac Newton to Steve Jobs; their faces are printed into school textbooks everywhere, and their achievements have been indelibly drilled into our minds, with countless awards and institutions named after them. To be brilliant is a gift, but who gets to be remembered as such involves privilege. Read More >>

Germany’s ‘Die Astronautin’ Competition Is as Badass as it Sounds

Image: HE Space
Although it sounds like The Hunger Games in space, Germany’s “Die Astronautin” competition—which means “the astronaut”—seeks to put the first German woman into space. In March 2016, 400 women entered the competition, and yesterday, aerospace recruitment agency HE Space announced it had selected its final six candidates. If the private mission succeeds in securing funding, one of these badass ladies will head up to the International Space Station (ISS) for 10 days in 2020. Read More >>