The Complex Legacy of World War I’s Women Scientists

During World War I, far away from the lines of battle, the UK was faced with a different crisis. As thousands of khaki-clad “Tommies” shipped off to the front, the British economy teetered on the cusp of grinding to a halt. With the men gone, the task of keeping the country’s lights on fell to women. British women flooded into munitions factories, hospitals, universities, and laboratories. Read More >>

Former Google Engineer Blasts Company’s HR Practices After Sexual Harassment Revelation

Earlier today, Recode reported that Uber had asked its new SVP of engineering, Amit Singhal to resign after he failed to disclose the circumstances involved in his departure from Google. According to Recode, Singhal resigned from Google in early 2016 after an investigation into a sexual harassment claim brought against him by another employee. Singhal has denied the allegations, but according to Recode, Google found them “credible”. Read More >>

What It’s Like to Work in Silicon Valley When You’re Not a White Bro

It’s no secret that tech companies are cesspools of homogeneity—sometimes embarrassingly so. While a big initiative launches in the White House to help diversify the industry, here’s another very inspiring project that seeks to tell the stories of underrepresented voices in the tech world. Read More >>

Here are the Only Six Women Apple Has Ever Put on Stage

Diversity in tech is a widespread problem, and Apple is actually going to address it today. In an interview with Mashable, Tim Cook admitted that Apple needs more diversity — and hinted that today’s keynote at WWDC will feature at least one woman. Which would make this the seventh woman ever to be on the Apple stage. Read More >>

WNYC Says Why it Deleted its Controversial Podcast on Women in Tech

Earlier this month, we asked a question: Why did WNYC delete an episode of its internet-focused podcast TLDR that criticised Vivek Wadhwa, a professor frequently quoted as an expert on the issue of women in technology? The updated episode is now available online, complete with a painfully tense interview between host Meredith Haggerty and Wadhwa. Read More >>

A Brief History of Tech Companies Marketing to Women Like Total Assholes

No matter how far technology might advance, there's always been one little area that the reigning powers that be have never quite managed to figure out. Or more specifically, an area they've never quite figured out how to talk to. Tech companies, meet women. Now stop treating them like idiots. Read More >>

Google’s Big Brains Think an Algorithm Will Help Them With Girl Problems

We hear about this issue all the time: tech companies, even the big guns, have trouble attracting and retaining women. Interestingly enough, Google has taken the least human and most nerdy possible route to tackling this gender issue—algorithms. Read More >>