McDonald’s Offers Newcastle Mums a Three-Course Mother’s Day Meal Spectacular

Mums in the Newcastle area are in for an extra special treat this Sunday, thanks to one local branch of McDonald's offering a posh, three-course, sit-down-with-cutlery, burger-based treat for £10 a head. Read More >>

There’s a Pink Beer for Girls Now, But it’s Ironic so Everything’s Fine

Big-booted craft beer brewer Brewdog has had an idea: a special type of beer in a pink bottle that's for women. But it's OK, one of Elon Musk's experiments hasn't caused a rip in time and dumped us all back to 1995 -- it's being done ironically to highlight gender pay gaps. Ah, you see now. It's not an ill-advised marketing stunt, or something that might've been given away free with the July 1997 issue of FHM. Read More >>

Doritos Plans “Low Crunch” Crisps for the Ladies

The current boss of brand behemoth PepsiCo has revealed a plan to attack the difficult world of what women eat when they allow themselves to, revealing that the company's Doritos crisps line is shortly to expand to feature several items created specifically for the ladies. Read More >>

Women Have it Larger Than Men Now

Stats showing the level of binge drinking across the UK show that women are now more likely to be found sobbing into a burger on the wrong bus home at 3:00am than men nowadays, as more women than men admit to regularly abusing alcohol to a massive extent. Read More >>

Isolated Group of Scotsmen Realise War on Women Ended Years Ago

A small group of men who never got the message that women are OK now has finally given up the fight to keep them away, with Muirfield golf club voting to let women enter the premises as full members. Read More >>

These Black Female Mathematicians Should Be Stars in the Blockbusters of Tomorrow

The hallways of maths and science history are overflowing with the achievements of white men, from Sir Isaac Newton to Steve Jobs; their faces are printed into school textbooks everywhere, and their achievements have been indelibly drilled into our minds, with countless awards and institutions named after them. To be brilliant is a gift, but who gets to be remembered as such involves privilege. Read More >>

Nearby Pregnant Woman Alert! Nearby Pregnant Woman Alert!

Someone's had an idea for an app again. This one's really quite specific and bizarre, and uses Bluetooth proximity alerts to tell commuters when there's a pregnant woman in the vicinity so you might want to look up from your phone and offer her a seat so you don't look like a bit of a Trump. Read More >>

The WHO Was Wrong to Say Zika Is No Longer an Emergency

Late last week, the World Health Organization declared that the Zika virus, along with its related neurological complications, no longer constitutes an international emergency. The announcement is a troubling development that could threaten important research, while also undermining those who are most affected, namely women, children, and the poor. Read More >>

American Women Sure Do Love Grooming Down There

Trimming the bushes. Vacuuming the carpet. Coiffing the cat. Whatever your choice in questionable metaphor for the act of tidying up one’s pubic hair, have it on hand, because it turns out that a whole lot of American women do it. Read More >>

Every Phone Sold in India Will Soon Have a Panic Button For Women’s Safety

In an attempt to promote women’s safety, every single mobile phone sold in India from 2017 onward must include a panic button, the country’s Ministry of Communications and Technology announced on Monday. Read More >>

Man Makes Robotic Scarlett Johansson/Emma Watson Hybrid Definitely Not For Sexual Reasons

If you're going to blow $50,000​ (£35,000) on making a robot friend for yourself, you might as well make one with a face you like looking at and breathing heavily into. Hence Hong Kong designer Ricky Ma​'s creation pictured here, which is the result of him imagining a world in which Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson somehow managed to reproduce and have a daughter. And now it's 18 years later and here she is, all grown up. Read More >>

Here’s What Female UK Wankers Search For on Pornhub

The sex-crazed genitalia-people over at Pornhub Towers have collected a fresh batch of warm, sticky insights for us to lap up, and they’re all about women’s porn-browsing habits. As you’ll know if you’ve read our complete guide to porn, 24% of Pornhub’s viewers are women, with that figure falling to 22% in the UK, and each of our home countries appears to have a distinct pornographic preference. Read More >>

Who on Earth is Caroline Herschel?

The male hierarchy of Google has thought of a woman who did something good in science again, using today's search results page-topping Doodle to illustrate the life and work of Caroline Herschel. The surname's a clue. There are some big lumps of rock in space named after her. Read More >>

Female Music Fans Want Headphones that Don’t Mess Up Their Hair, Says Monster CEO

Women, according to Monster CEO Noel Lee, are more bothered about headphones that don't mess up their hair than tiresome old things like audio quality. That's a summary of several quotes attributed to the man at the launch of a new range of headphones -- designed for women. Read More >>