The Most Convoluted DMCA Takedown Request of All Time

Anti-Gay group Straight Pride UK is abusing the DMCA takedown process to censor work by a journalist. No surprise there — the DMCA is twisted for all kinds of dumb purposes. The inexplicable part? The hate group filed a takedown on... its own press release. How dare you say that we said the words that we wrote in a press release. Read More >>

The Hugest, Most Verbose, and Least Grammatical Cache of Spam Comments, Ever

Cory Doctorow, co-editor of BoingBoing, hit the motherload of all spam motherloads this morning, when he woke up to find some nitwit had visited his personal WordPress site and dumped a giant, rambling post of every SEO spam comment in their database. Oops! Read More >>

WordPress-Based Pirate Bay Proxy Terminated By Courts

Seems like everything the Pirate Bay touches turns to a court order, as an 'anti-censorship' plugin that turns blogs into proxy servers for the world's most notorious torrent site has been shut down. Read More >>