A Memorial to Qatar’s World Cup Worker Deaths That Will Never Be Built 

Thousands of immigrant workers have died over the past year as they laboured at the construction sites for Qatar's World Cup in what Amnesty International calls "modern-day slavery". Now a pair of architects have shared a proposal for a memorial to the workers; it's a horrible reminder of just how many people have died to build World Cup stadia and housing. Read More >>

US Government Investigates Recent Worker Deaths at Amazon Facilities

Amazon has an aggressive schedule for opening new distribution centres around the world. The company has opened over 50 new facilities since 2010 in an effort to make same-day delivery the norm rather than the exception. But are these facilities playing fast and loose with worker safety? The US Department of Labor announced this week that it's investigating two deaths at Amazon fulfilment centres in the past 6 months. Read More >>

A Bleak Look at the Life of Migrant Workers Building Qatar’s World Cup

Workers sleeping 12 to a room without access to clean water. Young men dying from heart attacks due to the extreme heat. One man who has been trying to leave for five years, except his passport was taken by his boss, who has disappeared. It's the latest and most heartbreaking report on the highly controversial World Cup planned for Qatar in 2022. Read More >>