Fully Automated Warehouses Are a Decade Away, Amazon Says

Amazon recently came under fire when the Verge revealed it used a system that automatically determines the productivity levels of its warehouse workforce, and terminates laggards if they’re too slow to move packages. It was yet another sign that automation was taking over at the retail giant, and a particularly ominous one at that. Read More >>

Courts Rule Entirely Against Uber’s Casual Worker Employment Model

The UK courts seem to have ruled against the very existence of and core concept behind Uber, with the latest decision in the long-running set of legal cases over driver rights landing very firmly in favour of the workers. Read More >>

UK Amazon Staff Plan Black Friday Protests

Amazon factory humans allied with the GMB union are staging a series of protests on the retailer's biggest day of the year, with packaging staff set to stage a walkout on Black Friday, the holiest of all days in the internet shopping calendar. Read More >>

Robot Workers Sacked in Chinese Service Debacle

Useless robot waiters are being blamed for the closure of several restaurants in China, after an investment by the owners in automated serving staff turned out to be a financial disaster. Read More >>

The Horrifying Job of Facebook Content Moderators

Isn't Facebook great? (It's not.) But isn't it nice and clean and kid friendly? This is true for a very specific reason: the social media giant outsources the gnarly task of finding and deleting inappropriate content. In the November issue of Wired, Adrian Chen offers a peek into the darkest corners of the industry. It's only a little horrifying. Read More >>

iPhone 6 Production Explosion Creates 100,000 New Jobs in China

Chinese manufacturing powerhouse Foxconn is preparing to assemble stuff like it's never assembled stuff before, with reports from China suggesting the company's vast network of facilities may be employing an extra 100,000 workers to handle the logistics of making millions of iPhone 6s over the coming months. Read More >>

Google is Home to the White Male Nerd Stereotype

Google has yielded to public pressure to reveal stats about the makeup of its employees, publishing the above chart showing just how white and male it is. It's the boys-only sixth-form computer club of the adult world. Read More >>

South Korea Rules That a Samsung Chip Plant Gave Its Employee Cancer

Just when it thought allegations of poor working conditions were grounded, Samsung has been accused by the South Korean government of running a chip plant that causes cancer. Read More >>

Samsung Audit Finds No Underage Workers, But Some Serious Problems

Last month a Chinese labour watchdog fingered Samsung for employing, and abusing, underage workers in its factories. Now a Samsung audit has found no evidence of underage workers — but plenty of other problems to worry about. Read More >>

Nearly Two-Thirds of Apple’s Suppliers Don’t Abide by Worker Hours Limits

Apple for the first time (to its credit!) released a list of suppliers today along with a compliance report that shows only 38-percent are abiding by rules on work hours limits. Read More >>