Here’s What You Should Know About the Upcoming Nest/Google Account Migration

At Google I/O 2019, Google announced it was renaming the Google Home Hub smart display to be the Google Nest Hub while also combining the two brands into a presumably more harmonious single entity. Now Google wants Nest users to better understand what’s happening. Read More >>

Nest Can Now Talk To Your Lights, Locks, and More

Nest has continued its ongoing march towards connecting every last gadget you own to its platform, announcing 15 new partners in its Works With Nest developer programme at the CES expo. Coming soon? Everything from fridges to light bulbs. Read More >>

Nest Adds an Army of New Products to its Smart Home Ecosystem

Fitness trackers. Cars. Washing machines. Lightbulbs. Cameras. Nest might only really make two products, but it's spent the past year building up a sprawling ecosystem of devices and companies that can function in tandem with its products. Today it announced five more as well as its acquisition of the connected home system Revolv. Read More >>