10 of History’s Deadliest Construction Projects

The Panama Canal opened 100 years ago this month, one of the greatest engineering achievements in history. It was also one of the greatest sacrifices of human life in the name of construction, but tragically, it was far from the most deadly project in history. Read More >>

This Site Turns Each World Cup Game Into a Graphic Design Smackdown

If it hit you this weekend that maybe, possibly watching football isn't really your thing, perhaps this is your way to get a piece of the World Cup action: See how two designers visualize each match in a poster created during the time it takes to play each game. Read More >>

Three World Cup Stadia That are Actually Good for Brazil

The 12 stadia currently seeing World Cup action are not created equal. The dozen venues for the games are a mix of something old, something new, something temporary that will be taken down after the last goal is kicked. And not all of them have turned out to deliver the hopes and dreams promised (a few aren't even finished). Read More >>

Paddy Power’s Rainforest Gaffe, and the Seven Most Talked About World Cup Stunts

While all eyes will be focussed on the pitch once the World Cup kicks off this Thursday, there's a battle taking place off of it too. Companies are falling over themselves in an effort to capture the buzz surrounding this year's Brazilian tournament, looking to outdo each other with ever more elaborate footballing-themed stunts. And for every stroke of marketing genius, there's a facepalm fugazi just waiting to follow it up. Read More >>

Which World Cup 2014 Nation Has the Best Football Kit?

Ball, ball, ball, footie, footie, footie. Yep, it's that time once again -- a summer dominated by "the beautiful game", if not beautiful weather. The FIFA World Cup 2014 will kick off on Thursday June 12th, and today we've been given the final line up of each of the 32 participating national football teams' kits. Read More >>

Pubs Will Stay Open Later for England’s 2014 World Cup Matches

This summer's World Cup takes place in sunny Brazil which, once British Summer Time starts, puts us four hours ahead, meaning many matches will go on late into the night. Those who enjoy a bevvie with the football will be pleased to hear then that the government is set to relax pub closing times for England's games, letting UK footie fans enjoy the matches and a pint into the early hours down their locals. [BBC] Read More >>