iPhone Vs Android: Gizmodo UK Reveals The Mobile Preferences Of The England World Cup Team

Whisper it quietly, but after yesterday’s performance against the international titans that are Panama, football might actually be coming home. If England can manage such a magnificent victory against a country of four million and a GDP per capita that’s half of our own, then surely nothing can stop us from... well, you know, beating Brazil and Germany and the teams that are actually good. Read More >>

Here’s Why Jermaine Jenas Is The Football Pundit You Should Listen To This World Cup

Tonight's the night. At 7pm, England kick off their World Cup campaign in a game against Tunisia. Millions of people will tune in, and millions of opinions on the country's chances will be opined - but who should you listen to? Is Ian more Wright than Wrong when he says that England need to push forward and create more chances? Should Gary Linker stick to hawking crisps rather than opining on England's chances? How can we tell who to listen to? Read More >>

Forget Your Dreams: This Data Proves You’re Too Old To Play In A World Cup Team

When you were young, did you ever dream of one day being on the England football team, walking out into a packed World Cup stadium and representing your country on the pitch? I sure didn’t, but I was definitely bullied by people who did. Read More >>

Russia’s World Cup is Already Outrageously Expensive

Maybe you're still mourning Brazil's catastrophic loss in the World Cup, but the rest of the world has moved on to discussing the impact of the next series, which will take place in 11 Russian cities in 2018. And according to their reports, it's going to be very, very expensive. Like £6,700 per seat expensive. Read More >>