BBC iPlayer Now Supports 4K on the PS4 Pro, Giving You Another Way to Watch the World Cup in Higher Res

It's a big time for 4K streaming on the BBC, since it's promised to stream all of its World Cup matches in 4K HDR. Well now it's just updated the iPlayer app for the PlayStation 4, meaning PS4 Pro owners can now watch the BBC's 4K content on their console. Assuming, of course, they have a 4K TV. Read More >>

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Wetherspoons is Discouraging its Pubs From Hanging Up Extra England Flags

There are Wetherspoons pubs up and down the country, often clustered together like barnacles. So there's a good chance you live near at least one, and may have noticed the distinct lack of England flags in the run up to the World Cup. What's up with that? I'd've thought there would be so many flags it looks like Nigel Farage had invaded, especially given the chain's owner's outspoken support for Brexit. Read More >>

Don’t Forget England’s First World Match is Tonight, and You Can Watch in Virtual Reality and 4K HDR

Apart from that football tournament in Russia, there isn't a whole lot going on at the moment. So if you've got a free evening, and nothing much to do, you might as well tune into the first World Cup game involving England and see what the future of broadcast television might be like. Read More >>

Here’s Why Jermaine Jenas Is The Football Pundit You Should Listen To This World Cup

Tonight's the night. At 7pm, England kick off their World Cup campaign in a game against Tunisia. Millions of people will tune in, and millions of opinions on the country's chances will be opined - but who should you listen to? Is Ian more Wright than Wrong when he says that England need to push forward and create more chances? Should Gary Linker stick to hawking crisps rather than opining on England's chances? How can we tell who to listen to? Read More >>

How to Fake a Conversation About Football

It's happening again, that time of every-fourth-year when even us people who have only ever kicked a ball in anger once -- and it hurt our toes through our trainers because we apparently did it wrong -- have to talk about football. Here's how you might be able to get away with it. Read More >>

Forget Your Dreams: This Data Proves You’re Too Old To Play In A World Cup Team

When you were young, did you ever dream of one day being on the England football team, walking out into a packed World Cup stadium and representing your country on the pitch? I sure didn’t, but I was definitely bullied by people who did. Read More >>

The BBC Will be Showing the World Cup in 4K (and VR) After All

Recently the BBC conducted two trials to test its streaming capabilities, live streaming the second half of the FA Cup Final and a rugby match between York City Knights and Catalans Dragons on BBC iPlayer Beta in 4K HDR. The downside was that the Beeb didn't tell anyone about the tests beforehand, so very few people actually saw it in action. Well I have good news, because the BBC has announced the next stage of its testing, and it involves streaming the 29 World Cup matches due to be broadcast on BBC One in 4K HDR. Oh, and tere's some VR coverage as well. Read More >>

Zaha Hadid Was One of the Most Polarising Architects of Our Time

Zaha Hadid died at age 65 yesterday from a heart attack. The first female architect to achieve notable celebrity, her prolific and geographically diverse commissions mean that Hadid will likely remain the best-known female architect on the planet for many years. But her work was also incredibly controversial — not just the design of her structures, but the clients she chose to design them for. Read More >>

People are Redesigning World Cup Sponsors’ Logos to Protest Worker Abuse

FIFA is getting it from all sides right now, and for good reason. Last night the US Justice Department reportedly arrested officials for fraud related to the upcoming World Cups in Qatar and Russia. And even before the arrests, fans were protesting the use of forced labour at World Cup construction sites by hitting FIFA where it hurts: the sponsors. Read More >>

Qatar is Still Using Forced Labour to Build Stadia

Last year, the Qatari government promised to, uh, get better about using forced labour to build the stadia and infrastructure it needs to host the World Cup in 2020. But according to a new report from Amnesty International, nothing has changed. Read More >>

A Memorial to Qatar’s World Cup Worker Deaths That Will Never Be Built 

Thousands of immigrant workers have died over the past year as they laboured at the construction sites for Qatar's World Cup in what Amnesty International calls "modern-day slavery". Now a pair of architects have shared a proposal for a memorial to the workers; it's a horrible reminder of just how many people have died to build World Cup stadia and housing. Read More >>

Qatar’s £27 Billion Plan to Build a Brand New City for the World Cup

Qatar, the 2022 host of the World Cup, is not a large country, with a population just over 2.1 million. So to prepare for the millions who'll descend on the country eight years from now, it's going to great lengths—including building an entire new city from scratch. Read More >>

10 of History’s Deadliest Construction Projects

The Panama Canal opened 100 years ago this month, one of the greatest engineering achievements in history. It was also one of the greatest sacrifices of human life in the name of construction, but tragically, it was far from the most deadly project in history. Read More >>

Of Course the Germans Had the Most Efficient World Cup Site

It wasn't just on the pitch where the Germans won during this World Cup -- the nation's web presence was exemplary too. Internet and cloud performance trackers Keynote found that of 44 national and sponsor sites associated with the World Cup, the German Football Association's homepage performed the best. It achieved a 99 per cent load success rate, compared to the 75.61 per cent success rate of the USA FA site and 95.86 success rate of the Brazilian FA site. That's impressive, especially considering the German site likely got a hammering as the cup-winning team stormed through all stages of the tournament. Read More >>