Fortnite World Cup Was Watched By About as Many People as Holby City

The world's first Fortnite World Cup will definitely not be the last Fortnite World Cup, as game maker Epic is claiming a massive ratings victory for the event – if you count distracted internet streaming as actual eyeballs-on data. Read More >>

TfL Copies Internet World Cup Joke a Week Late

Transport for London would like everyone to know that it has a sense of humour, albeit one on a 10-day time delay circuit because all jokes must be approved, and it would also like brands with deep pockets to know it isn't against the idea of renaming Underground stations for a laugh. Hence: Gareth Southgate station is now a thing. Read More >>

YouTube Says Sorry for Ruining Your World Cup Moment

YouTube got a lot of crap earlier this week when its budding cable TV substitute, YouTube TV, went down during England and Croatia’s World Cup semi-final match. Read More >>

Football Nearly as Popular as Weddings and Death

The football last night, that was exciting for a bit, annoying for a bit, then sad for what seemed like ages, was one of the country's most-watched TV experiences in a generation, with a peak of 26.5 million people gathering around the big old boxes in the corner of the living room to watch England's ball battle with Croatia. Read More >>

Passengers Left on Planes at Heathrow as Staff Watched World Cup Games

Pity anyone trying to land or get off an aeroplane in the UK this evening, as during one previous World Cup match travellers were left on aeroplanes as border staff took time off to watch the England team scrape through on penalties against Colombia. Read More >>

English Heritage Scrapes England Flag From White Horse

The hillside carving known as the Westbury White Horse was momentarily supporting the England team in the football by wearing a massive red cross, transforming it into one enormous patriotic St George's cross. But obviously this sort of thing is frowned upon by the tweedy suits at English Heritage who've had it removed. They would presumably rather football stayed in Germany. Read More >>

Here’s The Tech We Were Using Last Time England Reached A World Cup Semi-Final

The 4th July 1990, the last time England reached the World Cup semi-final, was a very different time. Take politics, for example: The Conservative Party was massively divided over Europe, and their female Prime Minister's leadership was under threat from malcontents within her own party. How can we possibly begin to understand what that might feel like today? Read More >>

MP Calls on Government to Install Big TVs Everywhere for the Football

A Labour MP has had an idea about how politics can be used for good instead of clogging up the internet with tedious, unfocused rage about Brexit -- get the government to give funds to local councils to erect massive football screens for people to watch the World Cup on. Seeing as the England team is not, at time of writing, considered to be as bad at football as usual. Read More >>

4/10 British Men Don’t Know Harry Kane is the England Football Captain

When you think of football you probably think of a sport dominated by men, both on the field and in the stands. But that's not really the case. Despite the fact England is often considered a football-centric society, a new survey finds that's not the case. In fact quite a lot of people are big fat phoneys. Read More >>

These Are The Most Geographically Stupid World Cup Matches

Last Thursday, England played a football match against Belgium, one of our closest friends and allies. In fact, Belgium is so close that you can get from London to Brussels in less time than it takes to get to York. You don’t even need to catch a plane. So… isn’t it a bit weird that both teams, hundreds of officials and thousands of fans had to trek all the way to Kaliningrad - a Russian exclave you were only dimly aware actually existed - in order to play each other? Read More >>

black panther
If Wakanda Had World Cup Uniforms, They’d Look Like This

With Wakanda getting more involved in the affairs of the world after the events of Black Panther, one has to imagine major sports events are on the agenda, right after sharing advanced technology and helping the planet survive alien cataclysms. Which means it’s probably time they put together some football teams. Read More >>

Forget 4K, Some World Cup Games are Being Broadcast in 8k. Just Not Here

This year is the first time the World Cup is being broadcast in 4K, thanks to the BBC's ongoing trials. But what if I told you that it is actually possible to watch the games in 8K? Some games are being broadcast in the ultra-ultra high resolution, but you'll have to go to Brazil to tune in. Read More >>

iPhone Vs Android: Gizmodo UK Reveals The Mobile Preferences Of The England World Cup Team

Whisper it quietly, but after yesterday’s performance against the international titans that are Panama, football might actually be coming home. If England can manage such a magnificent victory against a country of four million and a GDP per capita that’s half of our own, then surely nothing can stop us from... well, you know, beating Brazil and Germany and the teams that are actually good. Read More >>

BBC iPlayer Now Supports 4K on the PS4 Pro, Giving You Another Way to Watch the World Cup in Higher Res

It's a big time for 4K streaming on the BBC, since it's promised to stream all of its World Cup matches in 4K HDR. Well now it's just updated the iPlayer app for the PlayStation 4, meaning PS4 Pro owners can now watch the BBC's 4K content on their console. Assuming, of course, they have a 4K TV. Read More >>

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Wetherspoons is Discouraging its Pubs From Hanging Up Extra England Flags

There are Wetherspoons pubs up and down the country, often clustered together like barnacles. So there's a good chance you live near at least one, and may have noticed the distinct lack of England flags in the run up to the World Cup. What's up with that? I'd've thought there would be so many flags it looks like Nigel Farage had invaded, especially given the chain's owner's outspoken support for Brexit. Read More >>