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World of Warcraft Is Getting a Little Stan Lee Cameo of Its Own

The world of...well, us, might have lost Stan Lee last year. But the World of Warcraft is gaining a lovely little tribute to the comics icon. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Warcraft Before You See the Movie

The Warcraft movie is nearly here, and if you don’t know your Gul’dans from your Garonas, everything in the trailers probably looks monstrously confusing. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here’s what you need to know about the weird world of Azeroth before you start your journey (into a cinema). Read More >>

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The Best Loot for Warcraft Addicts

Tomorrow is a day that many a Warcraft fan has been looking forward to for years (or not, if you've seem some of the more scathing reviews). After many moons in development hell, Warcraft is getting a film adaptation in the form of Warcraft: The Beginning. To commemorate that occasion, we're going to look at some of the best Warcraft themed loot you can get your hands on. Read More >>

Virtual Bin-Laden Could Issue Fatwas Through World of Warcraft for “Hundreds of Years”

He may be dead, but the threat from Osama Bin-Laden lives on in cyberspace according to British and American intelligence services who believe the Al-Qaeda leader could still spread propaganda using in-game avatars. Read More >>

Camden Council Member Rightly Proud of Level 85 WoW Undead Warlock

The finance boss of Camden Council leads an extremely glamorous double life, working as a local government pen-pusher during the day, before running home to spend his evenings levelling up his WoW character. The thrills of power, eh? Read More >>

Blizzard’s Hacked and Slashed

Potentially up there with the 10 Worst Hacks of All Time, Blizzard's venerable has been compromised, with oodles of passwords and e-mail addresses potentially spilling out into the hands of hackers. Oops. Read More >>

Blizzard Mucking About With iOS WoW Ports

The well aged World of Warcraft could well make an appearance on iPhone and iPad at some point in the future, thanks to developer Blizzard continually trying to find a way of getting the MMORPG's enormous interface demands to function on a touchscreen. Read More >>