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At Long Last, You Can Watch Spider-Man’s ‘Lost’ First Teaser Restored in HD

The very first glimpse at what would become one of the most beloved superhero movies of all time is also a very weird one – because for years, it was actually impossible to see it. While in the two decades since Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man first hit cinemas it has re-emerged online, it’s suddenly hit the web (sorry not sorry) in a quality unlike anything we’ve had before. Read More >>

Look Inside the Most Expensive Train Station Ever Built With This 360-Degree Video

The steel ribs arching over New York City’s newest transit station have already become a familiar sight for the city’s residents and tourists. Now, after seven years of delays, the striking new World Trade Center Transportation Hub will finally open this month in Lower Manhattan. Read More >>

This is What Sunrise Looks Like From the Tallest Building in America

Thousands of visitors took photos from One World Trade Center’s 104th floor Observatory in New York City this weekend when it opened to the public—but nothing can compare to these pictures of the observatory at dawn on the day it opened. Read More >>

Here’s the View From the New Tallest Building in the Western Hemisphere

The observatory atop the 1,776-foot World Trade Center opens next week. But the view from the tallest building in the US (for now) is not the only stunning vista that will greet visitors. Read More >>

Someone Snuck Into NYC’s £2.6 Billion Train Station and Took These Pics

Picture £2.6 billion worth of cash stacked up in the shape of a train station. This is pretty much what the World Trade Center Transportation Hub looks like. Except more surreal. You'd also maybe need to throw in a whole bunch of screw ups and missed deadlines, because this alien cathedral of a train station is one expensive mess. Read More >>

One World Trade Security Official Resigns After Daredevil Break-Ins

NY1 news is saying that Daniel Vasquez, assistant security director at One World Trade Center, is resigning after two separate events where thrill-seekers were able to break in to the building. Read More >>

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Watch Two People BASE Jump From the One World Trade Center

Brace yourselves. This newly-uploaded video shows two people walking to the edge of the tallest building in the Northern Hemisphere—One World Trade—and jumping off. Read More >>

Teen Sneaks Past Sleeping Guard to Reach Top of One WTC

Weehawken 16-year-old Justin Casquejo pulled a fast one on the guards at One World Trade Center on Sunday, reaching the spire of the 1,776-foot-tall tower around 4AM and hanging out for at least two hours. Some people's rebellious teenage phases are just cooler than others. Read More >>

Photos of Tourists Staring at the WTC Are Weirdly Riveting

If you've ever been to Lower Manhattan, you've seen them: Swarms of sightseers with their eyes raised skyward, gawking at One World Trade Centre. Annoying to some, but revealing to photographer Keith Goldstein—whose photo essay Looking On captures the neck craning. Read More >>

When Buildings Howl: A Primer on Architecture That Whistles

On stormy days and windy nights, Tribeca residents say their neighborhood is filled with a strange, high-pitched whistling sound coming from the redeveloped World Trade Centre site. It's an inopportune location for howling (although, really, where is?), but it's hardly the first building to surprise its neighbours by humming or whistling. Read More >>

Watch: The World Trade Center Wails in Strong Winds

New Yorkers who live near One World Trade Center already have to contend with "fortress-like isolation" caused by the imposing NYPD security perimeter. But according to neighbourhood residents, there's something far spookier going on at the WTC site: A "ghoulish" howling that happens during storms and high winds. Read More >>

Behind the Scenes of Building the New World Trade Center

An escalator suspended 101 floors above Southern Manhattan. It's one of the most famous pictures of the new World Trade Center, and the new WTC isn't even finished yet. But the photo, which originally surfaced on Reddit, has a whole backstory to it, too, with some cool behind-the-scenes details from Scott Lahmers, the "elevator man" who took the photo. Read More >>

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How to Install an Escalator on the 101st Floor of America’s Tallest Building

Here we see an an escalator being hoisted by to the 101st floor of World Trade Centre 1. (How did you think they got escalators up that high?) At first glance, the dizzying perspective of this photo will make your brain hurt. Read More >>