This Woman’s Horrifying Selfies Helped Track the Parasitic Worm Crawling in Her Face

A woman’s selfies helped her monitor the movements of an unwelcome guest: a roving parasitic worm living in her face. Thankfully, doctors were able to get the pesky pest — which she likely caught overseas from a mosquito — out of her body without any problems. Read More >>

First Observation of Rigor Mortis in Worms Could Help Us Understand Death by Old Age

Living creatures do amazing things. They grow toward the sun, build cities, lay eggs, and some even bone. But living things must die, and when they do, they tend to get smelly and mushy pretty quickly. But the moments after death, before decomposition, can be amazing in their own right. Scientists have just learned a bit more about this mysterious time by studying common worms. Read More >>

Why Does This Dumb Worm Live to Be So Damn Old?

Things just don’t seem to die in the deep ocean (well, except for humans). While rockfish around 100 feet below the surface live about 12 years, those living closer to 2500 feet down can live for 200 years. There’s a deep water coral that can apparently live for up to 4,000 years. But there’s one species that seems to live an especially long time, and could rank up there with the oldest: Escarpia laminata, some dumbass tubeworm. Read More >>

This is an Animal, Not a Penis

This is a peanut worm. It is an animal. Not a penis. But it looks like a penis. Read More >>

This Alien Worm-Creature Will Haunt Your Nightmares

New species are discovered frequently, but this creature is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Called the giant shipworm, it lives inside a long shell where it consumes noxious chemicals at the bottom of muddy lagoons. An international team of scientists are now the first to study this elusive animal in the flesh, but after taking a closer look at this...thing....we kind of wish they had left it alone. Read More >>

Horrifying Worm Larva Is Basically a Disembodied Head

Good news, everyone: Biologists have discovered a species of marine worm that, when still in its larval stage, is nothing more than an algae-gobbling, disembodied head. Read More >>

Look at Dave, the Giant Earthworm

Say hello to Dave, the largest earthworm ever discovered in Britain. Read More >>

These Disgusting Worms Can Basically Survive in Hell

Colorado is home to Sulphur Cave, which is exactly what it sounds like: a big, nasty hole that’s filled with deadly gas and dripping with acid. Nothing should live there. It’s basically hell on Earth. But then, scientists discovered clumps of limnodrilus sulphurensis wriggling around on the cave floor. Read More >>

In This Incredibly Strange Vision of the Future, a Robotic Worm Is Your Only Device

For most people in 2015, “one device that can do it all” is a tablet that also has a keyboard. For interaction designers at MIT, it means a shape-shifting soft robot that switches from phone, to watch, to flashlight, to charging cable. Read More >>

Hipsterfied Worms Could Soon Become Our Incredible Earth-Saving Pets

Worms are the future. The slimy wrigglers have been hailed as unlikely heroes in our bid to become more environmentally-friendly. Redworms specifically are becoming increasingly popular house pets (of sorts) in various European towns and cities, according to the Guardian, with residents being encouraged to feed them organic household waste, as they can quickly transform the stuff into lovely, plant-friendly compost. Trendy startups have seen an opportunity to cash in on the trend, and have started producing hip new worm boxes that would look pretty in your home. Read More >>

Nobody Knows Why Giant Piles of Worms Mysteriously Lined Up in Texas

After floods hit Denison, Texas last week, park rangers were mystified to find stringy clumps dotting the rain-soaked streets in inexplicably organised lines. It was no pasta-based apres-flood prank. It was just piles of living, squiggling worms. Read More >>

This Robot Thinks it’s a Tiny Little Worm

Artificial intelligence researchers have started looking to some of the simplest creatures for inspiration. Cyborgs who think like humans are still just a sci-fi dream, but scientists have had success recreating a less complicated brain. They've already created LEGO robot with the artificial mind of a worm. Read More >>