Steve Wozniak Isn’t Thrilled About The Prospect of Apple Ditching the Headphone Jack

All the leaks and rumours point towards Apple ditching the standard 3.5mm headphone jack in favour of lighting-compatible headphones. Naturally there are quite a few people not happy about that prospect, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is one of them. Read More >>

Woz Disagrees With Tim Cook on Nearly Everything, Criticises Apple Watch and Praises Laptops

Steve Wozniak has offered us a nice little reminder of why we all love him, by openly disagreeing with Tim Cook and saying what most of us are thinking about the Apple Watch. Best of all, however, is the admission the Apple co-founder has made concerning Apple’s so-called ‘ecosystem’. Read More >>

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Here’s Steve Wozniak on a Segway, Filmed by a Drone

The punditry talks a lot about a concept called "convergence," which can be neatly summarised in this video: Woz, Segway, drone. All things tech and joy, all at once. Read More >>

Steve Wozniak Was Once the Best Tetris Player in America

When the article about Tetris's 30th anniversary was published by our American counterpart, the one and only Steve Wozniak dropped by to regale us with tales of his long reign as America's #1 Tetris champion. He was so good, Nintendo Power magazine stopped accepting his score submissions. So Woz had to get crafty. Read More >>

How Steve Wozniak Wrote BASIC for the Original Apple from Scratch

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of BASIC, Steve Wozniak has written some memories about his first experiences with this popular language—and how he created his own BASIC from scratch for the Apple I and Apple II computers. It's a great piece of history—enjoy!—JD Read More >>

Woz: I Wish to God That Apple and Google Were Partners

If there's one man who talks tech sense, it's Woz—and never more so than in a recent interview with the BBC. Woz would love it if Apple and Google played friendly, and he makes a very, very good point on the subject. Read More >>

Jobs, Reviewed by Steve Wozniak

In response to our Jobs review, Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak weighed in with his own impressions of the movie — and how he and others were portrayed. What follows is Woz's unedited take on Jobs: Read More >>

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Woz Totally Loves Cycloramic

Cycloramic is the new app which uses your iPhone's vibration and sensors to rotate itself and take a 360-degree video. It's amazing to see in action—and Woz loves it so much that a video he shot using it has appeared on Facebook. Read More >>

Woz: Chill Out, Fanboys

Not only is Steve Wozniak a living tech legend, he's also a voice of reason. Yes, he started Apple with Jobs, and yes, he still loves the company and its products. But he also likes Android, and thinks everyone should put down the pitchforks and just get along, for the good of gadget-kind everywhere. Read More >>

Five Things Woz Would Change About Apple: iTunes on Android, Less Lawsuits and More

Steve Wozniak, the benevolent genius who co-founded Apple, answered a few questions over at Slashdot yesterday and though many of the answers were consistent with his awesome easy-going, open-sourced, tinkering self, he actually had some interesting advice for Apple. Here's free advice for Apple from Woz. Read More >>

Woz: Apple Maps Has Problems, But They Aren’t “That Severe”

ZDnet managed to chat to Steve Wozniak while he was speaking at an event in Sydney, Australia, and unsurprisingly they chatted to him about Apple's Maps. His verdict? Up-front, mixed — but not as negative as some. Read More >>

Why the Cloud Sucks, by Steve Wozniak

I've had too many personal experiences get messed up just because companies change things on the cloud. I've come to a depressed state of feeling that I own nothing on the cloud and have no ability to keep things working the way they do. Features change and get dropped, things you depend on disappear, etc. And no company will ever take responsibility. It's rare to ever get told what really happened. Read More >>

Woz: I Hate the Cloud

Apple co-founder and super tech-nerd Steve Wozniak is not a big fan of storing data online. In fact, he pretty much hates the idea of cloud storage, calling the idea "horrendous". Hmm. Read More >>