A Holy Grail of Personal Computing Hits the Auction Block

Later this month, one of the rarest specimens of hardware history will go up for auction: a working Apple-1. While most will people will never be able to afford to bid on it, this is a great opportunity to look at this beautifully ragtag machine before it disappears into someone’s collection. Read More >>

Wozniak: Apple’s Great Garage Was a Myth

We all know that Jobs and Wozniak designed a built the first Macs in the garage of Steve Jobs' parents house, yes? Well actually no, that's not how it happened at all, says the man who was also there, Steve Wozniak. Read More >>

Steve Wozniak Thinks the Samsung Galaxy Gear is “Worthless”

It seems we share illustrious company when it comes to being non-plussed over Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has branded Samsung's early attempt at an Android wearable "worthless". Read More >>

Steve Wozniak Tells Us He Can’t Pick an Actor to Play Him…Can You Help?

There are rumours that Christian Bale would play Steve Jobs in the good Jobs movie—written by Aaron Sorkin. But who can play the awesome Steve Wozniak? He's one of my personal heroes and I'm having a hard time imagining it. So I asked him about his opinion. Here's his reply: Read More >>