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Current Windows Phones May Not Be Getting Upgraded After All

Earlier this week, a Microsoft spokesman announced that all Windows Phone 7 devices would be getting the upgrade to Windows Phone 8. Today developer evangelist Nino Silva acknowledged that he, uh, misspoke. Apparently he confusing was application compatibility with device upgrades and cleared things up on his blog today. Read More >>

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Every Windows Phone Ever Might Get the Windows Phone 8 Upgrade

If your phone is running Windows Phone 7, you'll be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 when it comes out. Yes, even if your handset was among the first to market. Hey Android, are you listening? That's how you do upgrades. Read More >>

Leak Shows Windows Phone 7 Tango Looks a Lot Like Mango

Purported screenshots of the soon to be announced Windows Phone 7.6 Tango have emerged on a Russian forum. There are a handful of new features, but what's really interesting is how little seems to have changed. Read More >>

Extra-Large Nokia Lumia 910 Shows Up on Dutch E-Site

The 710 may've been a cheap-as-chips WP7 budgetphone, but if rumours regarding the Nokia Lumia 910 are correct, Europe could be seeing a 12.1-megapixel phone swinging its way. Encouragingly, it doesn't look like it's carved from a plastic shoe-heel. Read More >>

Is Instagram Coming to Windows Phone?

Probably more than any other app, Instagram attracts the envy of many a non-iPhone owners. The insular social network, is simple, fast and easy to use. And while the company has stated plans to release on Android, the latest talk suggests that we might see it on Windows Phone first. Read More >>

Microsoft Launching Windows Phone Skype App “Soon”

This is hardly surprising given that Microsoft rather shockingly bought Skype last year, but here's official confirmation -- Windows Phone users will soon have full Skype access through their mobiles. Read More >>

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Microsoft Wants Your Next WP7 Software Update to Be a Surprise

Getting a firmware upgrade notification on your phone is like getting an early birthday present—you're extra excited because it's wholly unexpected. Now, Microsoft is ensuring that every new WP7 update gives you that "early present feeling" by borking their popular Where's My Phone Update feature. But why? Read More >>

7digital Announces Windows Phone Support, App Due in 2012

Popular UK-based music shopping service 7digital revealed some of its future plans last night, which include the launch of a fully featured Windows Phone app early in 2012. Read More >>

Microsoft: Siri’s Doing What Windows Phone 7 Already Does, But With Better Marketing

Microsoft is a little sad and angry about all the publicity Apple's Siri app has been getting, because Windows Phone 7 has been doing the same sort of thing since launch. In a way. Read More >>

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Official Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak Now Live For a Fee

Remember those ChevronWP7 chaps who released a jailbreak of sorts for Windows Phone 7 and then got employed by Microsoft? Well they're back with an official 'unlock' that'll set you back about £6. Read More >>

Nokia Turns to ST-Ericsson for Future Windows Phone Processors

Nokia's current Windows Phone options are about to launch, with the Lumia 800 and 710 both powered by the commonplace Qualcomm processor range. But that'll change next year, with Nokia confirming plans to switch to cores supplied by ST-Ericsson. Read More >>

Nokia’s Windows Phone… Phone Teased on ITV Prime Time

Remember all that delicious money Microsoft pledged to help Nokia make a success of its WP7 device launch? Some of it was blown over the weekend, through a series of super-short teaser adverts shown on ITV. Read More >>

Nokia 800 Windows Phone Mango Device Pictured Again

A nice high-res photograph of what could be a finished version of Nokia's first WP7 phone has appeared online, showing us the phone previously known as the "Sea Ray" in all its... er... glory. Read More >>

Nokia’s Sea Ray Windows Phone Launching as N800?

A pair of seemingly official adverts for Nokia's first Windows Phone handset have been discovered, which give the rumoured Sea Ray the extremely dull new product name Nokia 800. And we get to see the thing, too. Read More >>

Microsoft Abandons Zune Hardware — “No Longer Producing Zune Players”

Microsoft's standalone media-player dream has just died (or become even more dead), with the company confirming earlier rumours that no more Zune players will be made. It's Windows Phone or bust from now on. Read More >>