Inkvite Is The Writing App For The WhatsApp Generation

Getting started with writing can be overwhelming. A blank page, no word count and a bajillion ideas fighting for precedence. Read More >>

Things I Never Knew About Writing Comics Until I Wrote Comics

I’ve spent most of my professional career writing about comics (and video games), putting forth what I understand about the art form’s mechanics and creators in essays, reviews, and interviews. I thought I got comics, at the very least the superhero genre aspect of the medium. They’ve always been part of my life. But then I started writing a superhero comic book myself, and suddenly I realised how much I didn’t know. Read More >>

The Best Apps and Add-Ons to Improve Your Writing

Whether you write for business or pleasure or both, you want your prose to be at the very least comprehensible and free from typos—and as usual, there are apps for that. These are some of the best tools we’ve come across for keeping your writing as neat, as tidy, and as impactful as possible. Read More >>

Learn The Secret Language Of Comedy Writers With This Handy Glossary

When we're absent-mindedly watching Peep Show repeats with a pizza on a Friday night (hello weekend plans), we don't tend to think much about how comedy writers write their comedy. But an ongoing guide from Emmy-winning scriptwriter Andy Riley – he of the suicidal bunnies, as well as writing for Veep, Black Books and loads more – has made us slightly obsessed with the niche language of the comedy writing room. Read More >>

Why Stephen King Wants Adults To Remember How They Thought As Kids

Stephen King’s dark imagination as an adult always makes people wonder what the hell happened to him as a kid. But King didn’t have that unusual of a childhood. He’s more interested in everyone else’s curiosity about how he grew up and their assumption that something horrific must have happened for him to write about such dark things. Read More >>

Here’s the Best Description of the Different Stages of Writing We’ve Ever Seen

Hugo-winning author Tim Pratt has a new novella out called The Deep Woods, about two boys who get trapped in a magic forest together. And the author (and Locus Magazine writer) just did an interview, where he came up with the best summary ever of the writing/editing process. Read More >>

This Is the Handwriting Robot I’ve Always Needed

Thanks to the number of computers in my childhood (and an unnaturally short attention span), my handwriting has always hovered between awful and indecipherable. So clearly, what I need is a machine to do my writing for me. Read More >>

Wacom’s New Digitising Notebook Could Bring Me Back to Pen and Paper

I love writing stuff down. Well, I love the idea of writing stuff down. Often I abandon the actual task because keeping track and archiving written notes is a huge pain in the bum. Wacom has a new toy called Bamboo Spark that digitises your handwritten notes without you having to think about it...much. Read More >>

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A Portrait of the World’s Youngest Master Penman

It’s not like I totally judge people’s handwriting (okay, I judge them a little) but it’s just refreshing to see good penmanship in 2015 because it’s so rare. We all just type on computers or phones and the most we write is two or three looping scribbles on a receipt. Here’s a look at someone who doesn’t just type and scribble though, in fact, he’s a Master Penman. Read More >>

I Now Have a Robot Editing All of My Emails for Me

Gizmodo US Reviews Editor Sean Hollister and I have a problem: we’re long time friends but we totally suck at communicating over email. We misunderstand each other and fight a lot. It’s terrible. Today I found a web app called “Crystal” that promises to fix that. It’s editing this post right now. Read More >>

This Calligraphic Robot Imitates Your Handwriting Using a Fountain Pen

There are a couple of companies that use robots to send handwritten messages on paper from your phone. The only bad thing is that they have been using canned typefaces until now: Bond has a new robot that can write notes in your own handwriting using a fountain pen. It's really cool, check it out: Read More >>

A Book of Tweets by People Claiming They’re Working on Their Novels

Novels aren't going to write themselves, you know. But when they don't, simply turn to Twitter. A new book features tweets by would-be authors who are totally working on their novels, but had to stop working on their novels so they could post something to Twitter about working on their novels. Read More >>

What the Hell is the Point of an English Degree?

Hi, I’m Ben and during my five years at university I’ve learnt, errrm… something about communication? Read More >>

Pen Shortage Causing Slagging Matches at Irish Police Station

It has been kicking off in the Henry Street garda station in Limerick, where a shortage of pens behind the counter has led to angry encounters with members of the public. Local police are turning people away and asking them to return with their own pens to sign paperwork, which is causing angry low-grade criminals to get even angrier. Read More >>

This Cosy Urban Cabin is a Writer’s Dream

For most writers, the idea of a retreat is a wistful fantasy. Many writers live in the city, far from that reclusive dream-cabin in the woods. So what's a writer to do? Well, you could just build a cabin in your garden, like this guy. Read More >>