The Secretive, Scheming World of Skyscraper Spire Design

To most of us, the spires that top tall building are an afterthought; a necessary extra, by no means interesting. But if you look closer, those spires are where all the drama has gone down, from the 1920s to this very week. Read More >>

Someone Snuck Into NYC’s £2.6 Billion Train Station and Took These Pics

Picture £2.6 billion worth of cash stacked up in the shape of a train station. This is pretty much what the World Trade Center Transportation Hub looks like. Except more surreal. You'd also maybe need to throw in a whole bunch of screw ups and missed deadlines, because this alien cathedral of a train station is one expensive mess. Read More >>

One World Trade Security Official Resigns After Daredevil Break-Ins

NY1 news is saying that Daniel Vasquez, assistant security director at One World Trade Center, is resigning after two separate events where thrill-seekers were able to break in to the building. Read More >>

Photos of Tourists Staring at the WTC Are Weirdly Riveting

If you've ever been to Lower Manhattan, you've seen them: Swarms of sightseers with their eyes raised skyward, gawking at One World Trade Centre. Annoying to some, but revealing to photographer Keith Goldstein—whose photo essay Looking On captures the neck craning. Read More >>

New York City Looks Amazing from the World Trade Centre’s New Observation Deck

After more than a decade of planning, legal wrangling, and construction, One World Trade Centre is tantalisingly close to completion. Earlier today, the Port Authority offered a glimpse of the WTC's 100th floor observation deck as well as the stunning views visitors will enjoy when the tallest building in the Western hemisphere opens to the public in 2015. Read More >>

Behind the Scenes of Building the New World Trade Center

An escalator suspended 101 floors above Southern Manhattan. It's one of the most famous pictures of the new World Trade Center, and the new WTC isn't even finished yet. But the photo, which originally surfaced on Reddit, has a whole backstory to it, too, with some cool behind-the-scenes details from Scott Lahmers, the "elevator man" who took the photo. Read More >>