These Unique Maternity Photos Took a Decidedly Dark, Alien Twist

Two fans of the Alien franchise took their maternity pictures to a whole other level. We just had to find out more. Read More >>

star wars
The Most Disgusting Scenes in Star Wars Are Now Scented Candles

Have you ever wondered what Han Solo’s nose was experiencing when he said “What an incredible smell you’ve discovered” or “I thought they smelled bad on the outside”? Well, now you can discover those scents for yourself (along with several other disgusting odours) in the form of these new Star Wars candles. Read More >>

Believe It Or Not, This Image Isn’t Moving, Your Brain Is Screwing With You

Time to have your mind blown. See the image above, and how the shapes seem to move and slither around? It's not a GIF or other type of animation — it's 100 per cent static. In reality, your rascally visual cortex is doing all the work. Read More >>

Great News Notch Lovers, the Pixel 3 XL Lets You Have Two

The Pixel 3 XL has a notch on the screen. An absurdly large one, even by notch standards. Apparently Google likes notches, and was hoping to add one to the regular Pixel 3 until it discovered there wasn't room. But just in case you're sceptical of Google's new found notch-fetish, you should know that the Pixel 3 XL actually lets you add a second one to the display. Read More >>

Nasty Christmas Products Continue With Sainbury’s New Pig and Sprout-Flavour Teas

I do not have a very good relationship with sprouts. Mainly because they're disgusting, and every Christmas my mum tries to force them on me to see if I've suddenly decided they're palatable. Naturally I refuse, because I'm a grown man in my 20s and don't need to do what she says anymore. I'm also the only person on this island who doesn't like tea, so you can imagine my horror when Sainsbury's announces that they're launching sprout-flavoured tea ready for Christmas. Read More >>

Man Chugs Erectile Dysfunction Drug, Ends Up With Permanently Red-Tinted Vision

One man’s experience with a common erectile dysfunction drug turned out to be a lot more eye-opening than he expected. According to his doctors, he developed a seemingly permanent red tint to his color vision after taking a massive dose of sildenafil citrate. Read More >>

Christmas Tree Flavour Crisps are Coming, and You Have Iceland to Blame

Christmas is a time for supermarkets to lose all their inhibitions, and start selling food that nobody really wants or asked for. Like gin-filled mine pies, or Tesco's candy cane-flavour crisps. But crisps that taste a bit like toothpaste sound a hell of a lot more appealing that Iceland's new festive offering. How do they even isolate the taste of a Christmas tree anyway? Read More >>

Even £500 Christmas Crackers Have Shit Presents

Each Christmas is different, but in the end there are plenty of things that stay the same each year. That one racist family member starting an argument, being forced to spend time with each other because there's literally nowhere else to go, a bowl full of sprouts nobody touches, and, of course, getting a small selection of tat out of the Christmas crackers. No matter how much you spend on crackers, the stuff inside is rubbish. Even if you spend £500. Read More >>

EasyJet’s Owner is Going After Netflix for Daring to Name a Show ‘Easy’

easyGroup, owners of easyJet and other businesses, has a long history of going after companies that use the word 'easy' in their names, referring to them as 'brand thieves' for attempting to dupe people into thinking they're somehow related to services operated by easyGroup. Normally you can't complain about that, since trademark infringement is a bad thing that should be stopped. But this time it seems a bit dumb, because it's going after Netflix for releasing a TV series called Easy. Read More >>

South London School is Handing Out Number Plates to Curb Bad Cycling

We've all got tales about bad cyclists zooming around the road with no care for the people around them or local traffic laws. If you're like me many of your experiences will involve both unruly children and the odd food delivery person, and one South London school is trying to tackle the former by handing out number plates to children. Read More >>

Oh God, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop is Coming to London

If you're a regular reader of Giz UK, you'll know all about Goop. If you don't let me remind you. Goop is a wellness company founded by Gwyneth Paltrow, and is notorious for peddling products that come with massive doses of unverified pseudoscience. Products like the vaginal eggs that it ended up being sued over, 'Bio Frequency' healing stickers, and other things that led to it being named 'worst pseudoscience of the year'. Read More >>

Airline Passengers Bleed From Ears and Nose After Crew Forgets to Pressurise Cabin

If you’re already nervous about flying, you may want to skip this story. Passengers on Jet Airways Flight 697 from Mumbai to Jaipur, India, recently had a terrifying experience after the flight crew forgot to pressurise the cabin. Dozens of passengers on the flight yesterday started bleeding from their ears and nose in a complete panic as they were gasping for air. Read More >>

New Mexico Observatory Closed Because of Child Porn Investigation, Not Aliens

After weeks of suspicion about the mysterious closure of the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, unsealed FBI records have provided an explanation: a child porn investigation. Read More >>

Ipswich Blames Spiders For Ghostly Sound of Children Singing at Night

Can you think of anything creepier in the middle of the night than the distant, melancholy sounds of children singing? It’s pure nightmare fuel, but it was also the reality for a small family in Ipswich who for months reportedly had to endure a haunting rendition of “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring” from children who couldn’t be found. Read More >>

10-Year-Old Boy Survives Wasp Attack That Ended With Meat Skewer in Skull

This weekend, a 10-year-old boy from the US fell from a tree house after he was attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets that were nesting in the structure — and that was just the beginning of the horror. Read More >>