What Year Is It? What Is Happening?

I don’t know how to live in a world where RoboCop is selling fried chicken. Read More >>

Uber Poll Data Claims 7% of People Got Engaged in the Back of What is Basically a Stranger’s Car

We journalists get sent a lot of random stuff, and much of it feels like complete bullshit. Like the bullshit survey that claims 84 people named their pets 'Yoshi'. The latest to pop into my inbox are the results of another data poll from Uber. It's all about valentine's day and romance, and included is a bizarre stat claiming seven per cent of people ended up getting engaged in the middle of an Uber journey. Read More >>

Did a Seal Eat Your USB Drive? New Zealand Found It in a Frozen Slab of Poo

In what is easily one of the weirdest press releases New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) has put out, the agency announced it had unearthed a fully functioning USB drive from a mound of frozen leopard seal poop. Read More >>

WWI Hand Grenade Found Among Potato Shipment at Crisp Factory in Hong Kong

A hand grenade that authorities say is from World War I turned up unexpectedly at a crisp factory at an industrial estate in Hong Kong last week, the South China Morning Post reported Saturday. Read More >>

Some Pressing Questions About the 3,950 Illegally Imported Leeches Currently Stuck in Canada

Canada currently has, as you might have guessed, 3,950 non-indigenous leeches stuck in customs limbo. “How did such a large number of leeches end up there?” you, a total rube, might ask. I promise you, this goes much deeper. Read More >>

Meizu is Crowdfunding its Holeless Smartphone, and It’ll Cost You £995

A week ago Meizu unveiled the Zero, the world's first commercial portless phone. In other words one that doesn't have any headphone jacks, SIM card slots, or charging ports. It doesn't even have buttons, which just feels like the Chinese company is asking for trouble. Now we know how Meizu is getting the first batch into the hands of the people: selling them via crowdfunding platform Indigogo for $1,299 (£995) a pop. Read More >>

Man Discovers ‘WWII Hand Grenade,’ Drives It to Local Taco Bell

A good thing to do if you ever happen to find a grenade is to immediately call the authorities, as one man has evidently just learned. Read More >>

It Feels Like Meizu’s Phone With No Ports and No Buttons is Just Asking for Trouble

Ever since Apple was 'brave' enough to remove the headphone jack, there have been people commenting on the possibility of a phone with no ports at all. Even Apple itself is said to be moving to a totally wireless future that doesn't includes ports for charging and data transfer. It seems outlandish, but Meizu has gone and announced a phone that skips all the ports. It also doesn't have any buttons. Read More >>

Man Injects 18 ‘Doses’ of Semen Into Arm to Cure Back Pain, Ends Up in Hospital

In a new case study, Irish doctors report the baffling case of a 33-year-old man who injected his own semen intravenously for a year and a half, a self-developed “cure” intended to treat his chronic back pain. It does not appear to have worked. Read More >>

Can You Guess What’s Wrong With This Phone?

While working on a property in Sydney, Australia, a man says he found a wall-mounted phone that “looked dirty and was not working.” Luckily for us, he filmed his subsequent investigation. Read More >>

Ford’s Made A Robotic Version Of Your Sweaty Bum

Ford doesn't want your car seats to be ruined by a big sweaty bottom, so it's been testing its seats with a robotic version to ensure they don't crack under the strain. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES 2019: Alexa Lives in Toilets Now

Sometimes we have to read a press release three times to check we're not making it up. Just a few short years ago, the idea of talking to your tech seemed futuristic and cool, and now here we are writing about a bog with Alexa in it. Read More >>

YouTube Idiot Jake Paul Appears to Run Through Traffic Blindfolded for Bird Box Challenge

Whether or not you liked Bird Box, Netflix’s apocalyptic December 2018 movie about an unseen phenomenon that drives people that witness it into suicidal or homicidal madness, it’s turned into a terrible meme. Mimicking a pivotal sequence from the movie in which several survivors make a perilous journey while blindfolded, people are making ill-advised viral “Bird Box Challenge” videos in which they do the same. Read More >>

10 Weird Alternative World Christmas Traditions

Bored of eating raw poultry while your sister gets drunk and starts crying about perceived lifelong favouritism? Do Christmas like a jolly foreigner instead! Read More >>

Puzzling US Shooting Blamed on Sasquatch Mistake: ‘I Thought You Were Bigfoot’

Authorities say a man in the US state of Montana was almost shot by a still-unidentified gunman who claimed he mistook the victim for the elusive, mythical beast known as Bigfoot. Read More >>