WWII Sub Rumoured to Have Taken Top Nazis to South America Found Off Danish Coast

In the dying days of World War II, a German sub was reportedly sunk near the Danish coast, but the wreck was never found, leading to speculation that high-ranking Nazi officials—even possibly Adolf Hitler himself—used the high-tech vessel to escape to South America. A museum in Denmark has finally found the missing U-boat, ending this 73-year-old mystery. Read More >>

US Aircraft Carrier Sunk in WW2 Battle Finally Found Off Australian Coast

The USS Lexington, a US aircraft carrier lost during the 1942 Battle of the Coral Sea, has been discovered by a team of civilian researchers off the north-east coast of Australia. Read More >>

These Nazi Propaganda Leaflets Dropped on Allied Soldiers Are Both Nauseating and Fascinating

Here's yet one more proof that Nazis—especially Goebbels—were not only disgusting bloody bastards but also cunning manipulators. Or perhaps stupid manipulators. Look at these propaganda leaflets that tried to convince American and British forces to desert by appealing to their most basic instincts. Read More >>

Detailed Graphic Shows Every British Navy Ships Lost In World War II

I just love these old school visualisations: here are all the ships lost by the British Navy during World War II. Many of these were hunted down by Nazi U-Boats. It's a staggering amount but it could have been a lot worse. Read More >>

This 1.8-Ton WW2 Bomb Could Have Destroyed a German City Today

World War II is still affecting life in Europe: 45,000 people had to be evacuated after two extremely dangerous bombs were found in the Rhine River, 65 years after they were dropped by British and American bombers. Read More >>

Scenes from World War II: Victory In Europe

In 1945, one of the greatest modern wars the world had ever seen was in its final stages. Read More >>

Not a Step Back: Images from World War II’s Brutal Eastern Front

The Allies ultimately won World War II of course, but at great cost. Nowhere is this more true than the great 1,000-mile Eastern Front, where German and Soviet forces mixed battle, bloodshed and war crimes in equal mix. Read More >>