These New iOS 7 Icons Sure Look Familiar

Apple's new app icons are sure something, aren't they? Each one is so delightful and cheery and vibrant. Who knew shading would look so much better than drop shadows! But wait! I think I've seen some of these before. Read More >>

This Is What Android Fragmentation Looks Like

We didn't get a new verision of Android at Google I/O, but it's not like there weren't enough already. As Apple pushes on into its iOS 7 future and brings the lion's share of its user-base along with it, there's still a lot of Android users stuck in a multiple OS-ghettos. Read More >>

All the New iOS Features Your Old iPhone Won’t Get

As expected and widely reported ahead of today's keynote, Apple introduced a completely revamped iOS at WWDC. Not only did they ditch the skeuomorphic design scheme in favour of something a little more colourful and fun, the company added a handful of neat new features—some old, some new. But as with any major update to the mobile OS, there are a handful of features that won't be coming to older generation iOS devices. (Hint: It's because Apple wants you to upgrade.) Read More >>

Watch the Entire WWDC Keynote Here

Miss the WWDC keynote? Just want to watch it again in its entirety because there is something wrong with you? Either way, you can catch the whole sucker right here. One catch: you gotta use Safari. Read More >>

What the New WWDC App Tell Us About iOS 7

Apple's new WWDC app, meant to guide developers through next week's mega-conference, is up in the App Store today. If you look closely, you can see bits of iOS 7 in it. While it's exceedingly easy to overvalue just how much this app means—Apple surely doesn't want to tip its hand before the event—there are still some obvious visual clues as to what awaits us in iOS as a whole. Let's take a look. Read More >>

MacBook Air
Looks Like We Might Get a New MacBook Air at WWDC This Year

The Apple rumour mill is already gearing up ahead of WWDC this year, with stock trackers the first line in the new-product guessing game. It seems big retailers like Amazon are running dry of MacBook Airs both in the US and UK, which whispers refresh to those in the know -- probably just with Haswell chips and Iris. Read More >>