iOS 10’s Coolest New Features in Gifs

Apple introduced iOS 10 this week during WWDC. While Apple suggested most people wait for the public beta when it is available in July, we decided to ignore that entirely and downloaded the developer preview. As you might expect, iOS 10 is currently full of glitches and lagginess, and some features just straight up don’t work. Read More >>

A Guide to Apple’s Radically Reimagined Messages App

At WWDC, Apple showed of a crazy new version of Messages. Feeling pressure from other messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Google’s new Allo, Apple has completely reimagined its app for the youths. In just the few days we’ve spent with iOS 10’s developer preview, we’ve found more than a dozen new features just within Messages alone. It’s likely more are coming. Read More >>

iOS 10 Will Make These Apple Gadgets Obsolete

Launched in 2011 as the hardware vanguard for Siri, the iPhone 4s was a big software leap for Apple. But iOS 10, which even focused on making Siri better than ever before, will not work on the iPhone 4s. Sad! Read More >>

Is Apple’s New Privacy Feature Safe?

At its WWDC conference last night Apple announced a host of new features for iOS, including more predictive software like QuickType and advanced spotlight search. In order to make these features work, Apple’s deep-learning robots will need to analyse a lot of people’s data at once, so Apple announced the integration of a new feature called differential privacy. But a cryptography expert isn’t sure the experimental technique is ready for primetime. Read More >>

Five Things Apple Tried to Destroy at WWDC 2016

Apple, the perpetual copycat, introduced loads of new ideas at its WWDC talk last night that weren’t really new at all. Many companies have made the products and features Apple showed off — and now Apple aims to kill them with its own version. Read More >>

Where the Hell Are the New MacBooks?

Apple has been moving out of the computer business for a while. Where once the WWDC keynote would have revolved around OS X (just renamed macOS), now the event is the iOS show. Read More >>

wwdc 2016
The Best and Worst from WWDC 2016

The WWDC keynote is finally over, and if we learned one thing, it’s that Apple has fundamentally changed forever. Most of the news from the developer’s conference wasn’t too earth-shattering: there were no new apps being ported to Android, no allusions to any Apple hardware whatsoever, and Tim Cook even seemed a little off during his presentation. Read More >>

macOS Features, Apps and Release Date: Everything You Need to Know

WWDC 2016 has been and gone in slightly underwhelming fashion, with Tim Cook and co showing off Apple’s latest software to the world before it becomes available to consumers later this year. Though iOS 10 took centre-stage, Apple’s desktop OS got plenty of love too. Read More >>

Because the Words in That iMessage Were Just Not Good Enough

Weren’t you just saying that iMessage would be so much better if it was less about words and more... well, more like Snapchat? No? Well, too bad. Read More >>

How Underwhelmed Were You by Tonight’s Apple WWDC Conference?

You've just watched Apple's livestream beaming straight from San Francisco at the Worldwide Developers Conference, right? Or if not, you were excitedly following all of our reporting of the evening, and it's now time to storm down to the pub to share the good news with your pals. But where to start? Read More >>

Apple Joins the Smarthome Wars With a Siri-Powered App

Years after announcing HomeKit, Apple has finally announced an all-in-one smarthome solution. It’s an app called Home, and it sounds… fine. Read More >>

Apple is Trying to Do What Google Photos Already Does

Hmmm, a photo tool that uses face recognition, can be easily searched, and plots all your geotagged photos onto maps? Where have I heard all this before? Read More >>

You Can Finally Bin Stock Apple Apps in iOS 10

Say goodbye to the iOS Tips apps once and for all – with iOS 10, Apple looks to be finally letting you trash those built-in, stock Apple apps that come pre-installed on all iOS devices. Read More >>

WWDC 2016 Round-Up: iOS 10, MacOS – All Tonight’s Apple News

The annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is under way, giving us all a latest look at what products Cupertino's wunderkinder company has waiting in its wings. Read More >>

Apple Music Now Comes With Lyrics and a Much-Improved UI

If you were hoping Apple had a grand masterplan to overhaul Apple Music, it's dancing on the ceiling time. The app has been redesigned to make it look cleaner and has also been given lyrics. Read More >>