Peter Jackson Jazzes up WWI in 3D and Colour to Traumatise the Kids

Peter Jackson's about to release a film about the Great War, but it won't feature 10,000 CG soldiers rampaging across a CG France. It'll star the actual soldiers of the first world war, with archive footage restored, colourised and thrust through a 3D filter in order to give today's generation a small sense of what it was like to almost certainly get slaughtered in a wet trench 100 years ago. Read More >>

Bell Ringers Needed For One Day National Special

If you've ever fancied having a go on the ropes and smashing some church bells around, 2018 is the year to get in there and tick that off your bucket list. It's the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War this November, and the bells will be ringing out like never before to mark the occasion. Read More >>

Early Film of the Battle of the Somme Tops the UK’s Most Watched Cinema Charts

In June of 1916 British war bosses gave approval for two cameramen to film scenes at the very tip of the Western Front, with the resulting war footage from the Somme being used to make a film watched by more than half of the population. Read More >>

Why Camouflage Wasn’t Used Until the First World War

The general idea behind visual camouflage, which is to make distinctive, recognisable shapes difficult to pick out against a background, was nothing new in 1914. The point of camouflage isn't necessarily to make oneself totally invisible, which isn't practical for a large army. Read More >>

Today, France is Still Cleaning Up Hundred-Year-Old Bombs From WWI

A century ago today, the first shots of WWI were fired. It was the first modern conflict, fought with fatally efficient technology. Even today, crews must safely destroy bombs left untouched for a century. Erik Olsen travelled with one of those crews for The New York Times, bringing us a video glimpse at the delicate task of cleaning up history. Read More >>

Twitter Users in Online Armistice Day Remembrance Service

Twitter is perhaps not the ideal place to commemorate our brave war dead, but if you're stuck on a computer it's better than nothing. Unofficial account Poppy_Tweet is coordinating "hymns" -- and will tell you when it's silence time. [BBC] Read More >>

French Built “Replica Paris” to Foil German Bombers in WWI

French newspaper Le Figaro has unearthed an incredible development from during the first world war, revealing that French authorities built a life-size replica of Paris to the north of the city to trick German bombers. Read More >>