Samsung Ordered to X-Ray ‘Safe’ Galaxy Note 7s in South Korea

A regulator in South Korea that’s clearly really pissed off with Samsung has reportedly told the company to treat ‘safe’ Note 7s like suspected broken bones before re-issuing them to consumers there. Read More >>

The World’s Brightest X-Ray Laser Is Getting 10,000 Times Brighter

SLAC’s National Accelerator Laboratory is already home to the world’s brightest X-ray laser—but it’s getting an upgrade. The $1 billion project will see the device become 10,000 times brighter and 8,000 times faster. Read More >>

This is an X-Ray of the Earth’s Aurora

This planet’s auroras are a spectacular sight, but you’ve probably never seen them quite like this. What you see below is a view of them as seen by the European Space Agency’s Integral space observatory, which captured how they look as an X-ray. Read More >>

Man Jailed For Trying to Build a ‘Muslim-Killing Death Ray’

A man who's probably a bit bonkers has been handed an eight-year jail term, after courts found he was guilty of trying to build a DIY "death ray" that could be used to wipe out Muslim terrorist cells in the US. Read More >>

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Watch a 500,000-Year-Old Mammoth Get its First X-Ray

This photo shows staff members from Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) and the San Diego Natural History Museum who are X-raying a 500,000-year-old mammoth skull fragment in the NMCSD radiology department on Monday. Man, those are some pretty massive teeth. Read More >>

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You’d Never Guess That This Space-Age Gadget Was a Microscope

This beautiful piece of shiny scientific instrumentation is a brand new class X-ray microscope sitting inside a vacuum chamber at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. Things have certainly changed since we were at school. Read More >>

X-Ray Video Reveals How a Hamster Can Stuff So Much Food In Its Cheeks

If you thought you could wreck a buffet like it was nobody's business, think again. If hamsters were the size of humans, they would certainly be barred from many all-you-can-eat restaurants. Because using X-ray video, a recent BBC documentary decided to find out just how a hamster was able to stuff away so much food, and the secret is all about more cargo space than meets the eye. Read More >>

It’s Shockingly Easy to Hide Guns and Bombs From Backscatter Scanners

The US Transport Security Administration's (TSA) full-body scanners never seemed like a very good idea. They're a great way to unwittingly show your naked body, to government officials for one. They're also insanely easy to trick. We've suspected as much for some time now, but a team of university researchers just confirmed some scary security flaws. Read More >>

The ISS is Getting an X-Ray Machine That Works in Space

Human bodies are of course not built for microgravity. We've long known that astronauts lose bone mass, but studying the process in space is tricky. The International Space Station is getting its first medical X-ray to examine on-board lab mice and rats. But making a space X-ray machine was no easy task. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Kinect Can See Inside Your Skull With Its Almost X-Ray Vision

Kinect's potential for gaming might not have been thaaaat great, but it's applications for other things, like cheating at pool and medicine, have been pretty impressive. The team Microsoft Research Cambridge, for instance, have rigged one up to peek inside skulls and look at brains with kindasorta x-ray vision. Read More >>

Curiosity’s First X-Ray Analysis Reveals the Origins of Martian Soil

The Curiosity rover has undertaken its first detailed X-ray analysis of Martian sand, in order to work out what kinds of minerals it contains and how its soils first came into being. Read More >>

Amazon’s X-Ray for Movies Knows What You’re Watching—And Who’s In It

So this feels like the future: Amazon's X-Ray for Movies can tell what flick you're watching on your Kindle HD, and gives you every piece of information you could ever want about it every time you pause. Pretty incredible stuff. Read More >>

Why Is There a Goddess’ Egg Floating In Space?

This image reminds me of an ovum—a female egg. But it's not inside anything on Earth. It's floating in the vastness of space—about 9,000 light years from here, in the constellation of Cassiopeia. It's the Tycho supernova remnant. Read More >>

The Only Thing Cooler Than a Laser Is an X-Ray Laser

Lasers are cool, but X-ray lasers are so much cooler. Until now, the only X-ray lasers to ever exist have required so much power that their infrastructure took up the same amount of space as football stadiums — but a team of scientists have just made one that fits in your living room. Read More >>

CT Scans Triple Cancer Risk in Children

Medical imaging has become a routine part of assessing health problems over the last few decades. But a new study reveals that children who undergo CT head scans triple their risk of developing leukemia or a brain tumour. Read More >>