raspberry pi
Kodi Moves into Hardware With Posh Aluminium Case for Raspberry Pi

The maker of the Kodi media toolbox -- previously known to the older generation of streaming nerds as XBMC, and to their forefathers as Xbox Media Centre -- has launched its first piece of hardware. Of a sort. It's a case. A Kodi case designed to house a Raspberry Pi 3 and turn it into a proper nice little box you can put on any vacant bit of shelving below your main TV. Read More >>

Raspberry Pi Made Simple With HDMI, Ethernet and Keyboard Starter Kit

Just under £40 gets Raspberry Pi users a super-simple media management solution, with the Element 14 bundle containing a wireless keyboard, HDMI connector and an Ethernet cable for easily whacking together your home media powerhouse. Read More >>

Ouya’s Going to Have XBMC too

Things just keep getting better for the Android gaming sensation, Ouya. Despite a rubbish name, it's recently gained the support of OnLive and Vevo, plus even Square-Enix is on-board too. Now we're hearing the Android console will also get a splash of XBMC to turn this thing into a one-stop entertainment shop. Read More >>