Microsoft Hit With a Bunch Service Outages, Again

According to several reports, Microsoft’s online services have been suffering through some pretty major outages this afternoon. Xbox Live, OneDrive,, Skype, Azure, and the Windows Store have all had issues letting users log into accounts. Read More >>

Microsoft Just Made it Easier to Report Hate Speech

Spend a typical day on Xbox Live will often see you hear a lot of 'colourful' language coming out of the other (usually very young) players. Racial and homophobic slurs are the ones people tend to think of, though kids these days can get rather creative. Microsoft has clearly had enough of that, and has opened a new portal for directly reporting any hate speech users come across. Read More >>

Xbox Live Will Work With Microsoft HoloLens

Though that fancy Minecraft demo got us all worked up, Microsoft has so far been keen to stress that gaming will not be an initial focus of its HoloLens augmented reality wearable. However, ahead of this week's Gamescom conference, Microsoft shared a few more details on how you'll get your game on with HoloLens, confirming that Xbox Live will be coming to the headset. Read More >>

Overdog is for Xbox One Gamers

Matchmaking in multiplayer video game lobbies is usually predominately determined by one factor -- whether or not you're any good at the game you want to play. Other points, such as connection speed and geographic location, sometimes come into play, but more often than not it's down to how quickly you're going to cap-or-be-capped. Xbox One's new Overdog app wants to shake that up. Read More >>

UK Hacker Arrested in Relation to Xbox Live and PSN Outages

Get an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 for Christmas? Wondering who to wave your pitchfork and flaming torch at for the Xbox Live and PSN hack-induced downtime over the Christmas break? The source of the upset may be quite close to home -- Thames Valley Police have arrested a 22-year old man in relation to the gaming network attacks. Read More >>

Security Expert IDs Two Idiots Claiming to be Lizard Squad Hackers

Security buff Brian Krebs thinks he knows the names of two of the people behind last week's massive PSN and Xbox Live outages. Or at least, he thinks he knows the names of two people who went on TV and the radio claiming to be been behind it. Read More >>

Netflix is Finally Coming Out from Behind the Xbox Live Paywall

Rejoice, for the long-awaited day has finally arrived: You can soon watch Netflix on your Xbox without paying for Xbox Live Gold. With that, Xboxes everywhere have become gloriously on-par with all the other streaming devices that have done this for years. The change takes affect on June 9th. [Xbox] Read More >>

Xbox Live Gold Paywall May Crumble for Netflix

The arbitrary paywall that stops Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners from using apps like Netflix without a paid Gold subscription may soon be removed, with sources suggesting Microsoft's ready to shuffle some high-profile apps outside the paywall -- and bring others in. Read More >>

If Twitch Privileges Can be Pulled, What’s the Limit of Microsoft’s Xbox One Reputation System Punishments?

Xbox Live is one of the biggest draws to Microsoft's Xbox One console -- even with the advancements in Sony's PlayStation Network, Microsoft still retains the most loyal and competitive multiplayer community. The next step for the new console will be an updated reputation system, rolling out this month. And bad behaviour could be harshly penalised. Read More >>

A Year’s Xbox Live Gold Membership for £23.99 is Your ‘Sign Me Up!’ Deal of the Day

The weekend is nearly upon us and there's a slight rise in temperature outside. That can mean only one thing! Sitting inside playing video games because outside is filled with dreadful, oxygen-thieving louts. Read More >>

Cross-Platform Xbox Live Gaming Could Come to Android and iOS

Unless you've got an Xbox 360 or Xbox One under your TV, or a Windows Phone handset sitting in your pocket, Microsoft's Xbox Live gaming platform is pretty much off limits to you. And no, Wordament's achievements don't count. But that may not always be the case, as it looks as though Microsoft's hoping to bring Xbox Live to rival mobile platforms in a comprehensive way. Read More >>

A Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for £149 is Your “iPads are for Posers” Deal of the Day

You don't have enough stuff in your life. You might think you do, but you don't. You need more things. You always need more things. Things to put on shelves. Things to insert into your orifices. Things that you don't care for now, but might be 'worth something' in the future. Most of all, you need more gadgets to distract you from the towering clutter in your house! Read More >>