Argos Is Selling an All-Digital Xbox One S for Just £3 to 10 Customers

Argos is offering customers the chance to get their hands on the new Xbox One S Digital for just £3, but you'd better be a fan of Josh Parkin's artwork because that's part of the deal. Read More >>

The Best Gear for Upgrading Your Video Game Console

Microsoft and Sony aren’t planning to upgrade their flagship consoles for a few months yet, but you can still improve your gaming experience with some well-chosen accessories—even if the hardware at the core of the system stays the same. Read More >>

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Bugs Are Ruining the Movie Experience on Xbox One S

The Xbox One S makes a great 4K set top box. It’s a rare box capable of handling HDR, a part of the Ultra High Definition format that allows for better details in scenes of extreme brightness or darkness. But the HDR on the Xbox One S is currently experiencing some significant bugs that firmly drop the console from best in class. Read More >>

Xbox One S Review: What the Xbox One Should Have Been

There were very few complaints when the original Xbox One was announced, despite it failing to handle 4K. In 2013 nobody really cared about HD’s successor. Not unless they’d spent thousands on one of the few 4K TV sets available at the time. Yes, the best consoles have a habit of being future-proof (see the PS2 playing DVDs and the PS3 playing Blu-ray), but in 2013, 4K seemed too far in the future for anyone to care. Read More >>

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The Xbox One S Now Has an Official Release Date

OK, OK, we know – it's the Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation Neo that you're really after. But if you're looking for a reason to upgrade or buy into this generation's Xbox for the first time, the Xbox One S presents a good case for itself. Read More >>

Xbox One is Getting Background Music

With the next Xbox One dashboard update, you'll be able to have your own music play in the background of a game, through the console. No more single-earphone iPod juggling to get your Bee Gees fix during a Battlefield bout. Read More >>

Xbox One S is Real, Thinner and Looking Way Better Than the Original

There's a new Xbox looking to find a spot under your TV. Microsoft has kicked off its E3 2016 press conference by confirming the existence of the Xbox One S. And boy, does it instantly look more attractive than the original console did. Read More >>