Xbox One Borked Until Further Notice Due to Issues With Xbox Live

If you tried to turn on your Xbox One today only to be greeted with a borked boot up sequence and a series of black screens, you’re not the only one. Apparently, there’s an issue with Xbox Live that’s stopping some consoles from being able to start up normally. Read More >>

The Xbox One X is the Perfect Console for Lazy PC Gamers

Here’s a fact rarely discussed outside of super nerdy gaming circles. The guts of your video game console actually matter. Once upon a time games were designed to run the same on every console and, in some cases (like the massive multiplayer first person shooter Destiny 2), games are still designed that way. But most games have what is called a “dynamic resolution” with the resolution shifting on a spectrum from as 720p to 4K depending on the scene. Thus the more powerful the console the higher and more consistent the resolution of the game you are playing will be. Want something close to consistent 4K without spending a grand on a PC gaming rig? You need a powerful console. Read More >>

Xbox One X: Can The Most Powerful Console Ever Made Win Back This Playstation Switcher?

History may one day look back at E3 2013 as a pivotal moment in gaming history. At the show, both Microsoft and Sony took the opportunity to reveal to the world their brand new games consoles, both of which would be launching the same year, in time for Christmas. Read More >>

Sony’s Pivot to the PlayStation 4 Appears to Have Paid Off Big Time

Once-struggling tech giant Sony has had a very good 2017, buoyed in large part by the continued success of the PlayStation 4, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday. In its most recent quarterly filings, the company reported profits were up approximately 346 percent relative to the same period last year. Read More >>

Argos is Trialling Minute-Past-Midnight Deliveries for the Launch of the Xbox One X

When it comes to the next big launch, you have a few choices. You can queue up for a couple of hours at a midnight launch to get your hands on at as soon as possible, or you can choose the convenience of home delivery by waiting a few extra hours. But what if you could get the best of both? Read More >>

The Second Wave of Xbox One X Pre-Orders is Now Available

Missed out on pre-ordering an Xbox One X last time? Or wanting one that doesn't have 'PROJECT SCORPIO' emblazoned on it in gaudy green letters? Your time has come: Microsoft has just sent the next wave of pre-orders out into the wild, so grab one while it's hot. Read More >>

Xbox One X Pre-Order Details Will Arrive This Weekend

If you were paying attention during E3, you'll have seen Microsoft announced the Xbox One X. The 4K edition of the Xbox One is will be available on 7th November, with a hefty £450 price tag. If that price doesn't put you off, you might want to pay attention this weekend. Because Microsoft is revealing the first pre-order details at Gamescom on Sunday night. Read More >>

The Xbox One X Looks Great, But Who is it Really For?

On Sunday night Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X, previously known as Project Scorpio, the third iteration of the Xbox One to come out. The announcement was filled with lots of boasting, talking up the big numbers associated with the hardware, and how it's the most powerful console ever made. Which is great. The Xbox One was deemed a disappointment by many, particularly since it struggled to compete with the PS4 from a purely technological point of view. This new console takes things quite a bit further, seemingly leaving Sony in the dust. Read More >>