Microsoft Tests Auto Refunds for Xbox One and Windows 10

Microsoft is testing a self-service refunds system on Xbox One that also applies to Windows 10 users, which lets people get their money back as long as they've not been hammering the game in question all weekend. Read More >>

The Best Gear for Upgrading Your Video Game Console

Microsoft and Sony aren’t planning to upgrade their flagship consoles for a few months yet, but you can still improve your gaming experience with some well-chosen accessories—even if the hardware at the core of the system stays the same. Read More >>

Xbox’s New Gaming Subscription is Just What the Struggling Console Needed

In this generation of console wars, the Xbox One has lagged behind the PS4 in both sales and consumer mindshare. In fact, a January report from games intelligence firm SuperData pegged Microsoft has selling half the number of consoles as Sony. To be frank, Microsoft is getting its ass kicked. Read More >>

Microsoft is Launching its Own Game Subscription Service

Much like Sony and EA before it, Microsoft has decided it's not just content with selling games as a one-off purchase. Instead, it's doing its own subscription service that costs $10 a month. So expect that to be at least £10 a month if and when it gets launched in the UK. Read More >>

All the New Features Coming to Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft just held a major event for Windows 10 in New York City today, where the company made a bunch of major hardware and software announcements. The event itself was jam-packed with exciting new technology and feature updates, but perhaps the most exciting was the sneak peak into the next major update for Windows 10 dubbed “Creators Update.” Read More >>

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Bugs Are Ruining the Movie Experience on Xbox One S

The Xbox One S makes a great 4K set top box. It’s a rare box capable of handling HDR, a part of the Ultra High Definition format that allows for better details in scenes of extreme brightness or darkness. But the HDR on the Xbox One S is currently experiencing some significant bugs that firmly drop the console from best in class. Read More >>

How To Make Your PS4 or Xbox One Look Like a Retro NES

Let’s be real for a second: The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One designs are hideous. Both are great gaming consoles, but their cases employ the same look of every generic VCR from the 1980s. Thankfully, Etsy store-owner Decalgirl has a fix for that problem. Read More >>

Xbox VR Games Expected to be Exclusive to Scorpio, Despite Cross-Platform Promise

Despite assuring consumers that there won't be any Project Scorpio-exclusive games, as all titles would also work with the original Xbox One, it looks like Microsoft’s ultra-powerful upcoming console will keep VR goodies all to itself. Read More >>

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Fanless PSU, SATA III Drive and Lovely Copper Pipes Top Xbox One S’ Internal Redesign Features

A take-apart of the new Xbox One S gives us all that look inside we crave, revealing how Microsoft broke physics by saving space while also slightly increasing the performance of its games machine. Read More >>

Xbox One S Review: What the Xbox One Should Have Been

There were very few complaints when the original Xbox One was announced, despite it failing to handle 4K. In 2013 nobody really cared about HD’s successor. Not unless they’d spent thousands on one of the few 4K TV sets available at the time. Yes, the best consoles have a habit of being future-proof (see the PS2 playing DVDs and the PS3 playing Blu-ray), but in 2013, 4K seemed too far in the future for anyone to care. Read More >>

Today Marks the Beginning of the End for Your Xbox 360 and PS3

There comes a time in every console cycle when even the most loyal of gamers has to start thinking about palliative care for their most-loved machines. For PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners, today is that day. Read More >>

VLC Is Finally Available for Windows 10

What’s not not to love about VLC Media Player? It’s free, lightweight, intuitive, and plays damn never every file format under the sun. Now, a long-awaited beta is finally available for Windows 10 users. It’s okay to nerd out a little bit. Read More >>

Game of Thrones and Xbox Just Had an Ugly Baby

This ugly brown Game of Thrones-themed Xbox One is being given away as part of a sweepstakes in France. It would presumably look classy sitting on a shelf in Cersei Lannister’s boudoir. The special edition looks sort of like Cersei got drunk on cheap wine, carved a fancy wooden box, and inexplicably slapped some Xbox labels on it. Of course, the console is going to look thirty kinds of gaudy sitting in the living room of the lucky French Xbox fan who wins it. Read More >>

All the Best E3 2016 Game Trailers – From Xbox One to PS4 to PC

The big boys have have strutted their stuff on the E3 2016 stage, and we've now got a good idea of the gaming landscape for the next 12 months and beyond. There's been a lot to sift through, and whittling down the best E3 2016 game trailers has revealed a very healthy flow of games heading to your preferred systems of choice, be that PS4, Xbox or PC. Read More >>

Project Scorpio is the Next-Gen Xbox Two You’ve Been Waiting For

Microsoft's Xbox One S wasn't the company's only big hardware announcement during its E3 2016 conference. It also took to the stage to confirm its Project Scorpio device, which is, essentially, a move towards an "Xbox Two". And it sounds insanely powerful for a console. Read More >>