The Second Wave of Xbox One X Pre-Orders is Now Available

Missed out on pre-ordering an Xbox One X last time? Or wanting one that doesn't have 'PROJECT SCORPIO' emblazoned on it in gaudy green letters? Your time has come: Microsoft has just sent the next wave of pre-orders out into the wild, so grab one while it's hot. Read More >>

Xbox One X Pre-Order Details Will Arrive This Weekend

If you were paying attention during E3, you'll have seen Microsoft announced the Xbox One X. The 4K edition of the Xbox One is will be available on 7th November, with a hefty £450 price tag. If that price doesn't put you off, you might want to pay attention this weekend. Because Microsoft is revealing the first pre-order details at Gamescom on Sunday night. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra Talks The New Xbox, Cross-Platform, And PUBG

"We've worked on this since 2012, and we finally get to talk about it... I tell people to take a step back and think about this E3: what a moment, you don't release new consoles, the most powerful console ever, that often. We're releasing significant hardware. It's Christmas for me." Read More >>

Gamers Love Nostalgia, So Someone Is Bringing Back the Original Xbox’s Gigantic Controllers

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition, which was nearly impossible to find from its initial release right up until the company stopped making it, proved gamers are hungry for nostalgia. But has 16 years been long enough for Microsoft fans to feel similarly nostalgic for the original Xbox’s gigantic controllers? Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft’s Xbox One X

After more than a year of rumours and teases and dorky Xtreme code names, Microsoft’s latest console, the Xbox One X, is finally here. It’s not actually here, here, the console will go on sale November 7th. But we now have all the details about this new console, which is officially the fastest console built to date. Read More >>

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside Project Scorpio, Microsoft’s Next Xbox

At E3 last June, Microsoft made a surprise announcement, revealing that the next Xbox console would be arriving at the end of this year. Since then we haven't heard very much, but Eurogamer's Digital Foundry got to go to Microsoft HQ and check out the console for themselves. While we don't know anything about what it looks like, what it's called, or any unreleased games, we do know what sort of guts it has. Read More >>

Microsoft is Launching its Own Game Subscription Service

Much like Sony and EA before it, Microsoft has decided it's not just content with selling games as a one-off purchase. Instead, it's doing its own subscription service that costs $10 a month. So expect that to be at least £10 a month if and when it gets launched in the UK. Read More >>

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The XBox is an X-Men Inspired Puzzle That Will Melt Your Mind

God, this is one of the geekiest puzzles on Earth and it’s absolutely awesome. Read More >>

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The Best Xbox One Games of 2016

It’s been a great year to be an Xbox owner. Not only because of the growing number of classic Xbox 360 titles that have been made backwards compatible, such as Lost OdysseyRed Dead Redemption and Call of Duty: Black Ops, but also because of the release of multiple awesome console exclusives. Read More >>

All the New Features Coming to Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft just held a major event for Windows 10 in New York City today, where the company made a bunch of major hardware and software announcements. The event itself was jam-packed with exciting new technology and feature updates, but perhaps the most exciting was the sneak peak into the next major update for Windows 10 dubbed “Creators Update.” Read More >>

Microsoft Sells an Xbox Onesie for You to Die Wearing

This has been announced by Xbox Australia, so there's a small chance it's a weird local joke we don't understand. But it seems quite real. It's the Xbox Onesie for people who want people to know they love Xbox so much they need to physically sit inside an approximation of one. Read More >>

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The Xbox One S Now Has an Official Release Date

OK, OK, we know – it's the Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation Neo that you're really after. But if you're looking for a reason to upgrade or buy into this generation's Xbox for the first time, the Xbox One S presents a good case for itself. Read More >>

Xbox Play Anywhere for Xbox One and PC Launches on 13th September

Microsoft is no fool. It knows that the Xbox One is having a hard time keeping up with the PS4, so it's started diversifying by offering support to one of the more neglected sectors of the gaming world - PC gamers. Xbox Play Anywhere is the first serious part of that support, and Microsoft has revealed it's launching on 13th September. Read More >>

The Original Xbox Controller Could’ve been Worse

One of the key men behind the launch of the entire Xbox division at Microsoft has treated fans to a bit of history, revealing a few design concepts for controllers to accompany the first generation Xbox -- including one that copied the Dreamcast's innovative plug-in miniature memory-card-with-a-screen idea. Read More >>

Details on the New Slim Xbox One Have Leaked

Micirosoft's E3 press conference isn't due to happen until 5.30 tomorrow afternoon, but a few details on the new rumoured Xbox One have hit the net. Read More >>