There’s a New Disc-Less Xbox One Coming in May

Microsoft officially announced a new, all-digital version of the Xbox One during the latest episode of Inside Xbox today, confirming previous rumours. It will have a 1 TB hard drive and be $250 (around £200; pricing and availability TBA), with Microsoft saying it will receive price drops to always keep it cheaper than the standard Xbox One S. Read More >>

Get Three Months of Xbox Game Pass For Just £1

Hey Xbox Fans, if you're looking to try out Game Pass on the cheap - here's your chance. Read More >>

Amazon’s Practically Giving Away Xbox Game Pass, Offering Six Months for the Price of Three

It's quite nice being able to play as many games as you like without having to pay for them all individually, which is why the Xbox One's Game Pass is rather appealing. That said it's certainly not cheap, and even if you want to play the available games all the time you're bound to want to save yourself a few quid here and there. Buying subscriptions in bulk is one way to do it, rather than the recurring £8 a month fee, but that's still pricey. Read More >>

You’ll Be Able to Use an Xbox Adaptive Controller With Google Stadia

Earlier this week, Google revealed Stadia, a platform which aims to allow game streaming on any device with a Chrome browser. A lot of the presentation focused on the speed of games booting up, or the convenience of playing with any controller on any device, but in among the big reveals was a small but vitally important announcement about controllers. Read More >>

Xbox One Borked Until Further Notice Due to Issues With Xbox Live

If you tried to turn on your Xbox One today only to be greeted with a borked boot up sequence and a series of black screens, you’re not the only one. Apparently, there’s an issue with Xbox Live that’s stopping some consoles from being able to start up normally. Read More >>

One of the Best Emulator Front-Ends May Be Coming to Xbox One, With No Jailbreak Required

The developers of RetroArch, an all-in-one emulation front-end that allows users to download emulator “cores” for a huge number of older consoles and which recently came to the Nintendo Switch, say it is coming to the Xbox One – and unlike other consoles, users might not need to risk jailbreaking their systems to set it up. Read More >>

Black Friday
Get Half Price off a Year of Xbox Game Pass on Amazon

A whole year's worth of games for just £47.99? Sign us up! Read More >>

Grab Six Months of Xbox Live Gold For £15 on Amazon

Deals, come get yer deals! For today only, Amazon is offering six months of Xbox Live Gold for the low, low price of £14.99. Essentially, you're paying for one three-month Live Gold pass, and getting another one thrown in absolutely free. Read More >>

Fortnite Won

Fortnite did it. The battle royale game, which has become wildly popular over the last year, appears to have finally led to Sony’s capitulation. Because Sony, which has refused to play nice with other gaming platforms, will now offer cross-play, and the first game getting support is Fortnite. Read More >>

Microsoft Says That Full Mouse and Keyboard Support for Xbox One Is Finally Coming Soon

Microsoft has claimed that the Xbox One would be getting full, official mouse and keyboard support since June 2016, though the feature has long remained ephemeral beyond unsupported third-party workarounds. According to a company blog post on Tuesday, though, they are actually doing it this time and a preliminary version of the feature will available “for select Xbox Insiders in the coming weeks.” Read More >>

Microsoft’s Super-Accessible Adaptive Controller Will Be Good For Cheaters, Too

The Microsoft Adaptive Controller might look like a drum machine, but it’s intended to be used by people with disabilities who cannot comfortably use the Xbox controllers currently available. However, the new controller could be a boon for cheaters, too. Read More >>

Your Xbox One May Soon Double as an Amazon Echo or Google Home

Microsoft is opening the door to more digital assistants you can chat with on your Xbox One, according to a report from Windows Central. That means the day may come when you can swap Cortana for Alexa, or tell Google to get your pad ready for game night through your console. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Controller for Gamers With Limited Mobility Comes with 19 3.5mm Jacks 

Aside from whatever motion-control tech Nintendo has tried to push, game controllers haven’t actually changed much over the last 15 years. And for a lot of people, that’s been a good thing, as it makes transferring years of hand-eye coordination from one console to another pretty seamless. Read More >>

Microsoft Comes for the Trolls With ‘Offensive Language’ Ban on XBox

Beginning in May, Microsoft will begin enforcing some new rules for users of its products, and a lot of people aren’t going to be happy when the ban hammer comes swinging. According to the new user agreement, people can have their accounts suspended or closed for violations including “offensive language.” Read More >>

US Navy’s Newest Attack Submarine Is Partially Operated With a 12-Year-Old Xbox Controller

The United States Navy’s newest submarine, the USS Colorado, went into service this weekend. In the Pentagon’s announcement Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer called the vessel “a true marvel of technology and innovation.” But part of the 377-foot-long Virginia-Class submarine is operated with a 12-year-old Xbox 360 controller. Read More >>