Apple Is Denying Consumers Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Claims

Microsoft has stopped mincing words, and in a statement shared with Gizmodo, claims that Apple is entirely to blame for the lack of cloud gaming apps and subscription services on iOS. Read More >>

Some of the Best Xbox Games Are Coming to Android Via Project X Cloud, and I’m Pretty Hyped

It’s time for Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform to officially move out of preview mode and into the real world. The company announced today that Project xCloud will officially launch on Sept. 15 – though just in beta for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members at the moment. However, anyone can sign up for that service and access the 100+ games Microsoft has made accessible through its cloud gaming platform, including Minecraft DungeonsDestiny 2Tell Me WhyGears 5, and Yakuza Kiwami 2. Read More >>

Xbox Series X Will Likely Launch in November 2020

During a recent earnings call, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood appeared to confirm that the Xbox Series X will launch in November 2020. Only a tad more specific than the holiday 2020 release Xbox has on its website, but we’ll take it. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Might Be Optimised For Streaming Xbox Games

The leaks about what we can expect at Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event on the 5th of August just keep coming, and the latest one about the Note 20 Ultra is particularly interesting for gaming fans. Read More >>

Microsoft Kills off Kinect (For Good This Time) With Xbox Series X

You know that dust-covered Kinect you have tucked away with a menagerie of other electronics and chords? Well, you can go on ignoring it. Read More >>

Game Pass Ultimate is Getting Video Game Streaming in September

Today Microsoft announced that its video game streaming service, Project xCloud, will be available to anyone who subscribes to Game Pass Ultimate later this year. Read More >>

There’s Now a Slimmer Xbox Controller For Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Service

The obvious choice for playing your favourite Xbox One games through Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service is the Bluetooth version of the Xbox One controller, but it’s by no means a tiny gamepad. If you’re after something a little more svelte (and more affordable) 8Bitdo has created the which includes an adjustable clip for your Android smartphone. Read More >>

Documents Leak Teasing a Cheaper Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X development docs, distributed courtesy of a leaker on Twitter, tease a long-rumoured second Xbox Series X. As the Verge’s Tom Warren notes, the second console, code-named Lockhart, has been rumoured for some time. This is just more fuel for the “Lockhart is real” fire. If it is indeed in development it will mean a cheaper alternative to the Xbox Series X expected to launch at the end of the year. Read More >>

Xbox Just Made a Compelling Argument to Buy a Xbox Series X at Launch…if You Have the Right TV

In a press release this morning, Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management for Xbox Series X, said that the company’s next-gen console will launch with thousands of compatible games – going all the way back to the original Xbox – all thanks to backwards compatibility. Not only that, but many of those games will also get a significant performance boost, up to 120 frames per second, and added HDR. Some of those older games could get their resolutions bumped up to 4K, too. I’ll admit, that changes my mind a bit about waiting to buy a next-gen console, regardless if you have an extensive library of Xbox games or not. Older Xbox games that not only perform better but look better? Sounds like a sweet deal. Read More >>

How to Watch the Xbox Series X First Look Stream This Afternoon

Today is the day of this month's Inside Xbox stream – but it promises to be a special one, as Microsoft will be showing us the first lot of gameplay footage from a number of games coming to Xbox Series X. Read More >>

Microsoft Could Reveal a More Affordable Xbox Series X in May

Microsoft has been providing a slow drip of Xbox Series X info following its official announcement late last year. Now, a new round of rumours may provide some clues about Microsoft’s next Xbox event and some insight about a cheaper, entry-level version of Xbox Series X. Read More >>

You’re Not Imagining Things, Your Video Game Downloads Have Gotten Slower

Last week, with the internet being strained due to surging traffic caused by everyone staying at home to avoid spreading covid-19, Netflix and YouTube decided to lower the default resolution of their streaming videos. And now, Sony, Akamai, and others are following suit by reducing the speed of game downloads on their networks. Read More >>

PS5 and Xbox Series X Code Stolen From AMD and Briefly Put on Github

Yesterday AMD issued a statement regarding IP stolen in December 2019, but details of what was stolen or who stole it was scarce. Now AMD has filed multiple Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take-down notices against GitHub to get its GPU source code removed from the website, which GitHub immediately complied with. Read More >>

Microsoft Sheds More Light on Xbox Series X Performance and Features

While Microsoft is still keeping some info under wraps, just ahead of its expected full reveal at E3 in June, Microsoft has released some more details about its upcoming flagship console: the Xbox Series X. Read More >>

Looks Like Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox Leaked on Twitter

Microsoft caught people with a small surprise when it announced its next big game console – the Xbox Series X – late last year at the 2019 Game Awards. And now, someone may have just dropped the first real-world photos of the Series X months before its official release. Read More >>