Microsoft Xbox Introduces Content Filters to Help Purge Your Life of Toxic Trolls

Just over a year after Microsoft started cracking down on toxicity on Xbox, the company will now help users crackdown on the toxic interactions that are just considered par for the course when gaming online. Read More >>

Microsoft Announces a Game Pass/Spotify Deal That’s a Bit Shit

The deal is only going to be of any use to people who have never ever used Spotify Premium in any capacity whatsoever, and have never signed up for Game Pass. Read More >>

Your Xbox is Listening to You, and So Are Microsoft’s Contractors

Microsoft Xbox owners will bummed to learn that humans have been listening to some of their voice commands. Motherboard recently spoke to a number of Microsoft contractors who said they’d been hired by the company to review Xbox and Cortana voice commands to improve the technology. This is the same sort of thing that’s been happening with all kinds of voice assistants lately, but that doesn’t make it any less unsettling. Read More >>

Forza Horizon 4’s Lego Expansion Is Gleefully Absurd

Lego is awesome. Driving the super realistic vehicles of Forza Horizon 4 is awesome. Driving the super realistic vehicles of Forza Horizon 4 through a brick-dotted landscape in the game’s Lego Speed Champions expansion increases the awesomeness exponentially. Read More >>

Amazingly, This Vile Contraption Would Make Video Game Chats Better

Be forewarned: the civil, polite, and respectful discourse that accompanies many online games could potentially devolve into something childish, even bordering on vulgar, with Nyko’s new Sound Pad. It’s a keyboard-like accessory that attaches to a controller allowing players to trigger sound effects in a game’s voice chat. Sound effects that could even include (brace yourself) flatulence. Read More >>

The Next Generation of Xbox Means No More OG and 360 Backwards Compatible Games

Microsoft announced its next console, Project Scarlett, at E3 2019 this week, but as it looks to the future, it's scrapping its backwards compatibility programme. Read More >>

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Will Automatically Upgrade Your Old Subscriptions, But There is Small Print

Last might Microsoft announced Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a subscription services that rolls Game Pass, Game Pass PC, and Xbox Live Gold altogether into a single £11 a month subscription. It's not a bad deal, and Microsoft tried to make it sweeter by offering everyone the chance to enjoy a single month of the service for the low price of £1. But before you sign up it's probably a good idea to read the small print. Read More >>

All the New Details About Microsoft Xbox Project Scarlett and xCloud

Sony and Google have spared few details about their next-gen video game systems, but Microsoft has been quieter about how it plans to deliver games. We'd heard a few details about the console, codenamed Scarlett, and the cloud service, xCloud. We know these things exist. We just haven’t known what they’d look like, how powerful they’d be, or how xCloud and Project Scarlett might work together. Today, at the Microsoft Theater in downtown LA, Microsoft finally started giving us details. Read More >>

Xbox Suggests Owners Need Soap

Not our words but the words of Microsoft and industrial behemoth Unilever, who have come together to launch an Xbox-branded variety of popular teen shower masturbation lubricant Lynx. Lynx Green. Lynx Tracksuit Trousers. Lynx Oddly Crispy Socks. Lynx Open A Window For God's Sake. Lynx Spray Some Stuff On It And It Can Be Worn For Another Week. Read More >>

Apple’s tvOS Gets PS4 and Xbox One Controller Support

I bet you thought tvOS, the operating system running on Apple’s Apple TV devices, wouldn’t be getting any major new features given that it’s primary TV app (seriously Apple can we change up some of these names so they’re easier to talk about?) just got a major refresh weeks ago. But today Apple showed off tvOS and it looks like it’ll be a great base OS for all the new content Apple is hoping we’ll subscribe to. Read More >>

The Very Best Xbox Controller Now Has Swappable Paddles, Thumbsticks, and Even Faceplates

Microsoft or Sony don’t make the best controllers for your Xbox or PlayStation. Instead, they’re made by Scuf, a company that produces high-end customisation controllers intended for competitive gaming and people who want the best experience. So when the company announces a new super customisation Xbox One controller, it’s time to get excited. Read More >>

Microsoft Plays Nice

At the opening keynote for Build, Microsoft’s annual developer conference in Seattle, we heard more about Starbucks than Windows. A ten-minute demo about how Starbuck’s ordering system interacts with Azure, Microsoft’s growing cloud-based computing platform, was a highlight of the event. This should tell you a little about the event itself. Build has never been the most exciting developer conference. Where Google, Apple, and even Facebook take a moment to show consumers a glimpse of the near future, Microsoft has always been focused firmly on its developers, with loads of coding on stage and weird demos meant to excite the enterprise set more than the rest of us. Read More >>

Microsoft Patent Imagines an Xbox Controller Customised for Gamers With Visual Impairment

Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller was a big leap towards making gaming accessible to all players—not just those who can hold and manipulate the console’s standard controllers. Now it looks like the company is planning to expand its accessibility efforts. A Microsoft patent from last year reveals a special controller customised for visually impaired gamers. Read More >>