Xbox One Opens Up the Next Generation of Multiplayer

Xbox One is already home to some amazing single player experiences, but let's face it, it's in multiplayer that gamers truly get to test their mettle. Read More >>

Best Games on Xbox One

Xbox One boasts a smooth user interface, a raft of cutting edge entertainment services and of course the innovative power of the next gen Kinect sensor. Yet when all's said and done, any console's success is largely measured by its games and especially those games which are exclusive to the system. Read More >>

Innovation on Xbox One

Microsoft's Xbox One is already packed with a host of innovative design features and technology, but the console has been built with the future in mind and it's been designed to grow, evolve and improve as time goes on, to always remain at the very cutting edge of the best gaming and entertainment experiences. Read More >>

Dedication’s What You Need

If you want to be the best, you need to be dedicated. There used to be a song about that, but we've forgotten the words and most of you are probably too young to remember it anyway. When it comes to video gaming, dedication is best too -- and that's what you get with Xbox One's custom server hardware. Read More >>

Is the UK’s Broadband Network Ready for the Onslaught of the Xbox One?

Xbox One has now been unleashed upon the United Kingdom. And although we're pretty sure the people of this tiny island will be ready for the all-nighters and sibling squabbling that'll ensue, what's far less certain is whether or not the UK's eclectic broadband infrastructure is up to the challenge. Read More >>

VIDEO: Kinect — the Next Generation is Here

Kinect is the all-in-one sensor that has been completely re-engineered and comes bundled with every Xbox One. It combines camera, voice and motion detection tech to present you with a brand new way of controlling your gaming and entertainment experiences. Read More >>

Fitness and Computer Games: Can You Ever Have a Proper Workout in Front of the Telly?

Fitness and gaming: not two things that have traditionally gone together, if the stereotypical body shape of a gamer is to be believed. But 'exergaming', as it's been dubbed by the internet, has been around since the 1980s in one guise or another. Read More >>

Ryse: Son of Rome

Every console launch needs its own spectacular exclusive and Xbox One's Ryse: Son of Rome provides exactly that -- it's a stunning spectacle and contains an uncivilised, barbaric world to explore, a million miles away from the standard identikit first-person shooter. Read More >>

Gaming’s Addictive Nature: How Achievements Changed the Way We Game

"The craziest one was going for the achievement on Viva Piñata to play the game for 50 hours straight. I ended up leaving my Xbox on while I went to work to help me get that one. I had already completed the game, but that was my last achievement to get. My prized piñata garden that I'd worked so hard on in the game went to pot (excuse the pun) all because I wanted to get 20 bloody achievement points." Read More >>

VIDEO: Forza Motorsport 5

If you're chasing perfection, then look away now, because you won't find it in Forza Motorsport 5. Instead, what its developers Turn 10 are delivering is true authenticity, a mix of the flawless high-end motors you'd expect from an elite racing title and the myriad imperfections that true racers encounter while driving them. Read More >>

Why the Xbox One’s New Rumble Triggers are the Next Big Thing

Remember the Rumble Pak? Depending on when you first started gaming, you might take a rumbling controller for granted, but did you know that Microsoft is adding in even more oomph to its next-gen Xbox One controller? That's right -- not only does the Xbox One controller boast rumble, but it's also built right into the triggers -- imagine what that can do for gaming. Read More >>

A-RYSE, My Son: Crytek Takes Big Gamble on the Glory of Ancient Rome

Video game development is notoriously complicated and protracted. A single project can suck up years, span countries and continents, and employ thousands of talented staff. And why? Because the rewards are great, not just financially but in terms of technological advances and artistic achievement. Read More >>

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A Handy List of All the Ways to Shout and Wave at Xbox One

One of the coolest/creepiest features of the Xbox One is its ability to obey your spoken and flailed commands. But which speaks and flails will it understand, and which will be met with a blank Kinect stare? You could spend all weekend trying to figure it out yourself, or you could just consult this handy chart from Microsoft's own TechNet blog. Hi Kinect! Read More >>

iFixit’s Xbox One Teardown Reveals Off-the-Shelf, Easily Replaced Components

It's the priciest of all the next-gen consoles at £429, so how easy is it to perform a little DIY surgery on the Xbox One? According to the iFixit teams, it should be reasonably simple, given a host of off-the-shelf components are in use. Read More >>

“Xbox On” Kinect Voice Command Boots Up Xbox One Console “Faster Than You Can Find Your Controller”

Whether you see it as Hal 2.0 or the future of game console control, Microsoft's second-generation Kinect sensor is an unavoidable, baked-in part of the Xbox One experience. And, with just days to go until the console launches, Microsoft is working hard to prove that its benefits outweigh any spy-tool conspiracy claims. Read More >>