Xiaomi is Bringing Back the Early Bird Discount For the Mi Mix 3

The new Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, with its super-cool slide-out camera (to avoid the notch, natch) sold out in under half an hour, partly thanks to the early bird discount the company offered. Read More >>

We Now Have A Video Of Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone

Xiaomi president Lin Bin has posted a video of the company's new folding phone in action on Chinese social network Weibo, and it's fascinating. Read More >>

Xiaomi Is Launching A Phone Called The Note 7

In a move that could either be considered brave or really, really daft, Chinese superbrand Xiaomi has announced it'll be launching a phone called the Note 7 -- the same name as Samsung's famously explodey flagship. Read More >>

Whatever This Mysterious Folding Screen Phone Is, I Want It

Phones with bendable screens are coming whether you like it or not. Read More >>

Xiaomi is Spinning off the Redmi Phone Range Into its Own Brand

You may have heard of Xiaomi. In addition to hosting that botched flash sale last year, the budget Chinese phone maker also sell a ridiculous number of phones for ludicrously cheap prices. Cheapest among them are the Redmi range, which offers devices that cost as little as £99. Now it's just announced that Redmi is being spun off into its own sub-brand. A bit like how Honor is a separate company Huawei uses flogs off its own ultra-budget phones. Read More >>

These Are Xiaomi UK’s December Deals

We're not quite used to having Xiaomi in the UK yet, but already they're getting in the spirit of British retail by announcing some Christmas and Boxing Day tech sales. Read More >>

Xiaomi Told That 10 Cheap Phones Does Not a Flash Sale Make

The Advertising Standards Authority has shamed mobile upstart Xiaomi for offering just 10 phones to the public in a recent flash sale, as it wasn't made particularly clear that only 10 mobiles would be included; so a load of men crashed a web site for nothing. Read More >>

Xiaomi’s Sliding Mi Mix 3 Is Coming To The UK

The whole notch debate has led to some very welcome innovation in smartphone design, including the emo notch, the hole-punch/doughnut phone, and the return of sliders. Read More >>

Xiaomi Has a 48 Megapixel Camera Phone Coming Out In January

We've only just got Xiaomi on these shores, but the Chinese megabrand is always doing outlandish things – like releasing ridiculously cheap AirPods rivals or attracting the attention of the ASA for a slightly dodgy £1 smartphone promo – and the latest is apparently a phone with a stonking 48 megapixels of camera goodness. Read More >>

The ASA May Investigate Xiaomi’s £1 Flash Sale

At the end of last week, in conjunction with its UK launch, Chinese phone maker Xiaomi launched a sale that seemed too good to be true. It was offering some new smartphones for a mere £1, a story that got picked up by all sorts of people - including us. Turns out it may well have been too good to be true, and the Advertising Standards Authority has received at least one complaint about the promotion as a result. Read More >>

Xiaomi’s UK Launch Extravaganza Continues With £1 Smartphone Sales

Xiaomi is here in the UK, and it really wants you to buy its stuff. Obviously, because getting people into its ecosystem is how it makes most of its money. So to try and get its phones into the hands of the people, and drum up some publicity, it's launched some flash sales that have a range of phones available for just £1. Read More >>

Three Will Stock Xiaomi’s Mi 8, Redmi 6A, and Band 3 From Tomorrow

We've known for a while that Xiaomi had partnered with Three to bring its devices to the UK, alongside opening up its own store, but now we've finally learnt which devices will be coming to the network. Three has confirmed that it will be exclusively stocking the Mi 8, discount RedMi 6A, and the new Xiaomi Band 3. Read More >>

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Review: A Lot of Phone for a Little Price

Xiaomi is probably not a brand name that means much to you – at least at the minute. The Chinese company has just officially launched in the UK , so it’s a name you can expect to start seeing more of. Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is their latest handset, and it's being released here before any other country that isn't called China. Oh, and it has specs to rival leading brands’ flagship handsets – but without a known name emblazoned on the back. The Mi 8 Pro also happens to be much more reasonably priced: £499, in fact. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Xiaomi’s UK Launch

Today's the day people, the day Xiaomi extends its European operations and brings its phone to the UK. Officially anyway, meaning you don't need to go to a possibly-sketchy importer to get yourself one of the company's low-cost handsets. Here's everything we know about the launch, and where you can get a Xiaomi phone. Read More >>

Xiaomi’s AirPods Rivals Are Under £25

If you're not already psyched for Chinese superbrand Xiaomi's launch into the UK this Thursday, this should get you there. They've announced their rival to Apple AirPods, called AirDots (subtle), and they cost.... 199 Yuan. That's about £22. Read More >>