Distorted Map Shows Each Country Forced Into Its Time Zone

A new map from XKCD’s Randal Monroe offers a glimpse into a bizarre alternate world where each country is forcibly squeezed into its respective time zone(s). Read More >>

xkcd phone
The XKCD Phone 4: Plenty of Headphone Jacks to Go Around

Now its fourth instalment, Randall Munroe’s XKCD Phone series is superb satire on the ludicrous. Following One, Two, and Three, the XKCD Phone Four gives fans what they’ve been craving—headphone jacks, lots of headphones jacks. Read More >>

Lucky School Students are Getting XKCD in Their Textbooks

Randall Monroe’s XKCD does a stellar job of explaining scientific concepts while also making people laugh. So, it makes a surprising amount of sense for those comics to find their way into high school textbooks. Read More >>

What Happens if a Self-Driving Car’s Passenger Isn’t a Passenger?

Presumably someone at Google is making sure that the car knows its driver is actually a human, rather than a rock. Or a particularly large cat. [XKCD] Read More >>

Here’s a Sneak Peak at XKCD Creator Randall Munroe’s New Book

We’re big fans of xkcd here at Gizmodo (who isn’t?), and also of learning about things, so we’re pretty excited for Randall Munroe’s upcoming book of explainer drawings, THING EXPLAINER: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words. We’ve got a sneak peek for you, below. Read More >>

What iOS 8’s QuickType Does to Famous Movie Quotes

Apple's QuickType means that iOS 8 can now create entire sentences for you based on what you've already typed. But what happens when you challenge it to complete famous movie quotes? Read More >>

An Early Look at XKCD’s Upcoming What If? Book

XKCD's What If—that extra-special corner of the internet that answers all of our nerdiest, most absurd questions in delightfully extensive detail—is finally being made into a book. And fortunately for all those who just can't wait, Nerdist has the very first look inside. Read More >>

Was Facebook’s Research Ever Really Ethical?

It's not a question of whether it publishes its results or not—it has to do research to evolve for its users—it's question of whether what it's doing is ethical in the first place. Read More >>

Could We Ever Power a Laptop by Recovering Energy From Typing?

Tip-tap-tip-tap-tippety-tap. We all spend our days bashing keys at our computer—so how much energy could we create if we could recover just a little of it? Read More >>

When Someone Posts a Screenshot it’s Impossible to Ignore a Low Battery

It's never been easier to quickly post a screenshot of your phone online for all to see but... wait, why the hell is this person posting screenshots when they only have four per cent battery? Why aren't the madly scrambling for a charger? Why? Read More >>

Finally, We’ve Found an Actual Use for Smartwatches

Smartwatches are yet to really deliver on their promise, so what can be done with the proliferation of tiny screens? Finally, we've come across a solution we can really get behind. Read More >>

When it Comes to Technology, it’s Best to Bow Out Gracefully

Maybe you should stop using Facebook while the going's good? [XKCD] Read More >>

Don’t Drive 1,000 MPH: Raindrops Will Destroy Your Windscreen

The sound of rain hitting your windscreen can mean dicey road conditions and snags in traffic. According to XKCD's What If, it can also mean the utter destruction of your car's windscreen by the force of those rain droplets hitting the glass. Lesson learned: don't drive at speeds of Mach 1.5 in a downpour if you want your glass to survive. Read More >>