Motorola Designing New Android Tablet to Erase Hideous Memories of Xoom

Google's Motorola hardware team is preparing a new Android tablet, and it might end up looking like the popular, customisable, US-only Moto X. The names Moto XL (phablet) and Moto XXL (tablet) spring to mind. Read More >>

The Best Display Under Bright Light: It’s Not Your iPhone

Brightness ratings and contrast ratio make for lovely tech spec reading when you're shopping for a new device. But neither tells you how usable a display will actually be in everyday ambient light situations. So DisplayMate put some of the more popular options to the test. Read More >>

Google Planning 7″ Android Tablet This Summer?

Google has plans to launch an own-brand Android tablet some time later this year, with one analyst claiming the search giant has been secretly assembling a 7" model. Read More >>

Motorola Only Shipped a Measly 100,000 Xooms Last Quarter (Apple Sold 11 Million iPads)

Motorola just announced their Q3 earnings and revealed that they only shipped 100,000 Xoom tablets in Q3. Shipped. Which is a far, far cry from actually sold. As a reference point, Apple sold 11 million iPads in the same quarter. Read More >>

Is This Really the Motorola Xoom 2?

Sources with Droid-Life claim to have images of the yet-to-be-announced Xoom 2, and they might just be right. Without much to go on, it does kind of resemble Motorola's earlier mock-up and even a shot leaked last week. Curiouser and curiouser. Read More >>