Sony’s Xperia SL Is Officially the Lamest Upgrade Ever

Sony's given the pretty decent Xperia S a truly puny 0.2GHz boost with a new 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S3, plus a dose of Ice Cream Sandwich, and an added "L" -- meet the Xperia SL. Everything else is the same, so no new wonderphone out of Sony, unfortunately. You've got to wonder why it even bothered. [Sony] Read More >>

Got an Xperia S? Check for Updates, There’s an Ice Cream Sandwich Waiting

Sony's mobile people have updated the extremely nice Xperia S to the very latest version of Android, releasing the finalised "Ice Cream Sandwich" build of Google's software for its current smartphone flagship. Read More >>

Has Sony Ruined or Improved Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich?

Here's a video of someone having a good old play with Sony's lovely big Xperia S, only this time it's been updated to run on Google's "Ice Cream Sandwich" version of the OS. Read More >>

The Android PlayStation Store Is Now Live For the Sony Xperia S

Good news early Xperia S buyers: you can now buy and play a small handful of PSOne games courtesy of Sony’s PlayStation Store, which is now live and ready for your downloading pleasure. Read More >>

lightning review
Sony Xperia S Lightning Review: Sony’s Smartphones Are Off To a Flying Start

The first phone from Sony now it's dumped the Ericsson bit of its name, the Xperia S builds on last year's excellent Xperia Arc and Arc S to offer an even bigger, faster and more refined entry into the higher levels of Android hardware. Read More >>

Sony Xperia S Goes Up For Pre-Order In the UK

Networks are clearing their store shelves of the now defunct Sony Ericsson gear, all the while the newest Sony-only kid on the block has peeped its head above the parapet, ready for your pre-order. Read More >>

Sony Xperia S Priced and Dated For UK Arrival In March

The first Sony-only smartphone, the Xperia S, has been priced and dated for the UK. It’ll arrive on these shores around the 5th of March, and will set you back from £429.99 SIM-free. Read More >>

White Xperia S a Phones4U Exclusive, Black Model Coming to Three and O2

The white version of the new Sony Xperia S has been snapped up by UK retailer Phones4U, which will be exclusively selling the shinier model from March. Meanwhile, both Three and O2 have announced plans to stock the first Sony-branded Xperia on the usual contracts. [Three] Read More >>

Sony’s New Xperia Phones Hands On: They Go Right For the Eyes

For a long time now Sony has made some of the best cameras out there. Love the iPhone 4S camera? Yeah, because it's got a Sony Exmor sensor in it. Sony's two new Xperias are also pushing the visuals mighty hard. Read More >>