A Hidden Figure in a Famous Rembrandt Has Been Uncovered Using X-Rays

Rembrandt’s An Old Man in Military Costume is a 380-year-old masterpiece with a secret. Beneath the famous figure in the feathered cap hides a much younger man, one that researchers are uncovering in coluor using advanced x-ray technology. Read More >>

The US Military’s Mini X-Ray Camera Can See Through Your Suitcase

American Science and Engineering (AS&E) just released a tiny new X-ray gun with some impressive capabilities. Roughly the size of a breadbox, the Mini Z Backscatter imaging system can find contraband in bags and see through car doors. It could also someday also be plugged into Oculus Rift for a full-on X-ray goggle experience. Read More >>

New Airport Screening Method May Finally End the Absurd Liquid Ban

It looks like the days of shampoo bottles striking fear into the hearts of airport security everywhere might be numbered. Thanks to Los Alamos scientists, a new type of detection technology could give airports the tools they need to finally tell if a liquid is a potential threat—all with one simple scan. Read More >>

The Feds Say That Two Guys Made an X-Ray Weapon to Sicken People

In an attempt to "secretly sicken opponents of Israel" and presumably star as the bad guys in a barely believable action movie, two guys from New York have been accused by the FBI of assembling a portable X-Ray weapon that would shoot lethal doses of radiation. Seriously. They were going to sell it to Israel or the KKK. Read More >>

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Watch Unborn Twins Kick Each Other Inside the Womb

Sharing a small space with another person in real life is already difficult, can you imagine sharing space inside a mother's womb? Insane! But twins do it all the time and they seem to get along quite well after too. But it's not exactly happy go peaches, in this video you can see the twins kicking each other for extra leg room. Get that workout in young'n! [YouTube via BuzzFeed] Read More >>

How NASA Uses Astronaut Pee to Hunt Osteoporosis

When astronauts venture into space, their bones degrade because of the microgravity conditions they encounter. Currently, such bone wastage is usually diagnosed by scans—so NASA developed a new test which analyses urine to spot bone loss in its early stages. Read More >>

This Guy Didn’t Know He Shot Himself in the Head with a Nail Gun

Dante Autullo is a tough guy. He's also, according to his wife, a very accident prone guy. So when he accidentally hit his head with a nail gun and only saw a scratch, he didn't think anything of it... EVEN THOUGH HE HAD A FREAKING NAIL LODGED IN HIS BRAIN. Read More >>

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Buzz Lightyear Should Not Be Inside Your Ass

Somewhere, someone knows how this Buzz Lightyear action figure wound up an anus. It could be a long story. It could be a short story. Maybe there's no real story at all. But there is this x-ray. Read More >>