Report: Yale Dental Students, Staff Took Selfie With Severed Heads

Dental school grad students and a University of Connecticut orthodontics professor took a selfie “with two severed heads used for medical research at a training workshop at Yale University” in 2017, the Associated Press reported on Monday. Read More >>

This Is The Best Way To Throw Things, Says Science

Sounds like it's been lots of fun in Yale's research labs lately: they've been busy finding the science-approved best way to throw things. Read More >>

A ‘Lost’ Neptune-Like Planet Has Finally Been Found

It’s got to be hard to be an exoplanet these days, living in the shadow of the everyone’s new favourite system, TRAPPIST-1. But the reality is, there are tons of exoplanets that deserve our love—according to NASA, as of last month, 3,472 exoplanets have been confirmed. Many more are out there, waiting for their chance in the spotlight. We just need to find them. Read More >>

The History and Future of Locks and Keys

Of all the technology you use on a daily basis, you probably pay the least attention to the mechanical miracles that keep your home or your gym bag secure. Locks and keys have been around for millennia, but they are undergoing one of their rare historic shifts—from mechanical to electronic, from isolated to interconnected. Read More >>

Nest’s Big Solution for Smart Homes is Here and it Looks Great

We saw this one coming. Smart thermostat maker, Nest, is now ready to take over your entire home with a new protocol that lets all kinds of devices talk to each other quickly and seamlessly. It’s called Nest Weave. Read More >>

Physicists Use Lasers to Chill the World’s Coldest Molecules

If you thought last winter was cold, you should stay as far away from magneto-optical trapping as possible. Yale physicists recently used this technique to cool a molecule of strontium monoflouride down to 2.5 thousands of a degree above absolute zero. That makes them the world's coldest molecules. Read More >>

Astronomers Invent New Telescope by Tying Telephoto Lenses Together

A team of Yale astronomers got a little crafty recently. In an attempt to see parts of space that their big fancy telescopes weren't showing them, they tied eight telephoto lenses together to create their own little homemade array. And then, thanks to their new invention, they quickly discovered seven new galaxies. Read More >>

Amazonian Mushroom Eats Indestructible Plastics

We use polyurethane to make just about everything — garden hoses, furniture, the entirety of my local pound-store. It's easy to produce, durable, and dirt cheap. What it isn't is recyclable — there isn't a single natural process that breaks it down. That is until a newly-discovered Amazonian fungus takes a bite. Read More >>