Welcome to the Modern-Day Space Race

Between competing government space agencies, commercial enterprises, humans, and robots, we have one very odd space race going on. Here’s the highs and lows of exploration that happened in the year that was 2015! Read More >>

The Science Books We Loved Most in 2015 

Looking for a good holiday read? There was no shortage of excellent popular science books this year, from memoir, alternate science histories, and the poisons of Agatha Christie, to deep dives into string theory, quantum biology, and the mystery of life. These are our most-loved popular science books from 2015. Read More >>

The Coolest Science Stories You May Have Missed in 2015

Not every scientific advance is heralded as a revolutionary breakthrough, because science mostly progresses in incrementally. Sure, certain high-profile stories caught the lion’s share of attention this year. But there’s still plenty of nifty research going on that deserves a nod of appreciation too. Here are ten of our favourite cool science stories that you may have missed in 2015. Read More >>

The 10 Best Time Capsules Opened in 2015

Time capsules can be pretty boring. But time capsule nerds like me live for those rare capsules with something really cool inside. This year we saw ones filled with the weird, the rare, and the surprising. Something that so many of 2015’s time capsules had in common: Lots of booze. Read More >>

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Our Picks for the Top Science Stories of 2015

From Rosetta’s ongoing love affair with a comet and the discovery of a pentaquark, to controversial breakthroughs like gene-editing of human embryos and a possible new species of homo sapiens, these were the science stories everyone was talking about in 2015. Read More >>

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The 20 Best Gadgets of 2015

Technology is all about progress. Sometimes it’s incremental or subtle, but other times it can be colossal and even transformative. In 2015 we saw a metal and silicone cornucopia of gadgets and gizmos. There were amazing deals, sad departures, brand new product categories, and even world-changing ideas. These are the 20 best gadgets from 2015. Read More >>

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The Most Futuristic Predictions That Came True in 2015

It’s time to reflect on the most futuristic breakthroughs and developments of the past year. This year’s crop features a slew of remarkable scientific and technological achievements, from an actual working hoverboard to cyborg brains. Here are 18 predictions that finally came true in 2015. Read More >>

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Watch YouTube’s Most Popular Videos of 2015

Have some time to kill? YouTube has just announced its most popular videos of 2015, which include everything from dance crazes to Justin Bieber doing karaoke in a car. You can watch them here. Read More >>