This Machine Could Make Engineering Pharmaceuticals More Portable

If you’re a doctor working in a remote area or on the battlefield, getting access to medications can be tough. That may sound like the start of a commercial, but it’s a sometimes tragic fact. As far as we’ve come in the history of medicine, treatment isn’t as portable as we would like. Read More >>

Scientists Can Now Make THC from Yeast

Yeast is an incredible organism — you can thank it for booze! — and thanks to the marvels of modern genetics, we’ve made it incredibly versatile. Just a month after announcing a method for hacking yeast to produce narcotics, researchers just announced that the creation of yeast that produces THC and cannabidiols – the psychoactive ingredients in cannabis. Read More >>

A Perfume That Smells Like Roses – But is Actually Made from Yeast

A rose is a rose is a rose, except when it's actually yeast. A company called Gingko BioWorks is partnering with French fragrance company Robertet to create a genetically modified yeast that makes the rose oil used in perfumes. Read More >>

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Using Yeast DNA to Unlock a Better Brew

Beer may be as old as civilization itself, but modern molecular biology could teach craft brewers some new tricks. Troels Prahl, a brewer and microbiologist with White Labs, is currently analysing the full DNA sequences of yeast from 2500 beers in hopes of finding the yeast genes that explain why a lager becomes a lager or an ale an ale. Read More >>