You Can Now Add The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine to Your Hot Wheels Collection

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine album, and the animated film that followed two years later, Mattel is finally getting around to turning that imaginary golden underwater explorer into a Hot Wheels car, followed by an entire line of vehicles inspired by the movie. Read More >>

Yellow Submarine Remastered In Eye-Bleeding 4K Resolution For the Benefit of Future Generations

The weird animated Beatles film has been remastered for our high-definition consumption, with animation experts restoring the film to the next-generation 4K HD resolution. Read More >>

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Ebook Free on iTunes

Fancy reading something different on your iOS device this weekend? The Beatles Yellow Submarine children's book is currently available for free for iBooks. The ebook is narrated by Dean Lennox Kelly, that bloke off Shameless, and animated throughout, bringing those characteristicly psychedelic musings to life as you swipe. Read More >>