Yelp Will Cut or Furlough of a Third of Its Staff as Coronavirus Crushes Local Businesses

With "non-essential" establishments locking their doors, business review and recommendation mainstay Yelp announced it would be downsizing – by a lot – citing the economic downturn amid the global coronavirus pandemic. Read More >>

Dude Talked So Much Trash Online About This Company, He’s Going to Jail—Again

A man in the US state of Texas has really shown up the legion of shitposters online. He’s gone to prison not once, but twice for writing a number of damaging posts online about a financial firm. Read More >>

Yelp and TripAdvisor Team Up to Pile On Google Over Search Monopoly

Google found itself in an uncomfortable position Sunday night, as US TV show 60 Minutes placed a magnifying glass on the company that accounts for 90 percent of all search traffic and asked if it is operating as a monopoly. Following the broadcast, Yelp and TripAdvisor announced a new initiative designed to restore more diverse local search results that have been undermined by Google’s own first-party services. Read More >>

Google Maps No Longer Lets You Post Negative Reviews About Your Crappy Job

Google has updated its Maps policies to ban certain business reviews left by former employees. In a new section of the Google Maps “User Contributed Content Policy,” Google now labels reviews “about a current or former employment experience” as a “conflict of interest.” Originally, only current employees were barred under the policy. The new rules, quoted below, went into effect on 14th December [emphasis ours]. Read More >>

96 Companies Just Told Trump Where He Can Shove His Muslim Ban

Last night, 96 companies filed a legal briefing that objects to President Trump’s Muslim ban. But they’re not just doing it because it’s the right thing to do. The filing makes it clear that Trump is disrupting business. Read More >>

This Guy Makes Hilariously Absurd Video Yelp Reviews of Restaurants

Who knew that Yelp reviews could be art? Toothpix takes advantage of the 12-second videos that Yelp allows its reviewers to post to create totally absurd short films about popular restaurants. It’s truly glorious. Read More >>

That ‘Yelp for Humans’ App is Still Awful

Remember that app Peeple? You know, the “Yelp for People?” It launched this week in the US and Canada under the guide of a more sugar-coated definition of rating your friend. But guess what: it still sucks. Read More >>

Libelling a Lawyer in Yelp Reviews Turns Out to Not Be a Good Idea

In case you’re ever in the position of wanting to get back at a lawyer, here’s some news from Florida: don’t get your revenge by posting a slanderous review online, or you’ll be paying out hundreds of thousands in damages. Read More >>

Facebook is Testing the “Yelp Killer” it Should’ve Launched Ages Ago

Facebook is testing out a new, unannounced tool that allows you to search for all kinds of services in your area. Read More >>

Google Rubs TripAdvisor and Yelp in the Dirt, Claims it Was Accidental

Naughty Google. Naughty, naughty Google. Everyone’s favourite search giant is in trouble again, and once more it’s because of its attitude to competitors. Read More >>

Yelp Vigilantes are Organising Against Businesses in the Name of Justice

Over in the US, after the owner of a pizzeria said last week that he wouldn’t cater a gay wedding, a group of Yelpers took action, using their reviews to bring down the business. Not customers unhappy with the service, but social justice protesters reviewing the business based on ideology. And it’s not just an isolated case. Read More >>

Yelp Now Lets You Message Your Grievances Directly to Businesses

In a move that will probably backfire instantly thanks to the always lovely denizens of the internet, Yelp is now allowing you to send messages directly to business owners. All of your questions, comments, and trolls can now directly filter into the inbox of the restaurant or plumber or day care you would like to express your appreciation or hatred toward. Read More >>

Users on Yelp Can Soon Add Short Videos to Their Reviews

Yelp will let users upload 3-12 second videos to support their reviews from early June. The idea is to give other users a sense of the establishment's ambience—or, you know, cockroach infestation. Read More >>

Oh Good, Yelp Now Suggests Businesses Based on Emoji

Emoji is a strangely useful language, whether you're recapping episodes of wildly popular TV shows or sending your friend a smiling pile of poop when real words fail you. Until now, though, this lexicon was essentially inscrutable to machines. Those days are over: Yelp's mobile app now suggests businesses when you type the tiny pictures in the search bar. Read More >>

Who Does Facebook Search Screw the Most?

Graph Search, which we're going to call Facebook search from here on out because nobody wants to read or write "Graph Search," is a dramatic new way to browse Facebook. But its implications spill over onto its rivals—which companies lose the most? Read More >>