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What Dark Magic Makes This Weird Yo-Yo Work?

Yo-yo tricks are already a miracle of physics. But Ben Conde specialises in a type of yo-yo with an unattached string, and does things that defy all logic. But there’s one sneaky feature that makes these contraptions work. Read More >>

What’s Inside a Yo-Yo That Keeps It Spinning?

Even the most basic yo-yo tricks depend on the toy’s ability to keep on spinning. But why does it spin so fast for so long? Read More >>

The Brilliantly Simple Way Satellites Slow Down Is Basically Yo-Yos

Any number of forces can mess up a spacecraft’s flight path on its way to where it needs to go—but spinning helps average those torques to add stability to the trajectory. But when a satellite does successfully reaches orbit, how does it stop spinning? Read More >>

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This Yo-Yo World Champ’s Skills are Mesmerising

When I was in primary school, Duncan, the well-known yo-yo maker, came to my school with a cadre of talented teenagers in tow. They shot the moon, walked the dog, and cats cradled their way into my heart. Although I'm sure Duncan was just there to hawk some merchandise (in which they totally succeeded), the art of yo-yo is fascinating. Read More >>

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Yo-Yo Tricks Are Even More Mesmerising When the Yo-Yo Doesn’t Move

We've all seen videos of absolutely mind-blowing yo-yo tricks, but probably nothing like this. Using motion tracking and stabilisation software, artist Douglas Khozam manages to freeze a yo-yo in mid-air while a skilled performer pulls off several tricks. Read More >>