York Plans a Car-Free City Centre by 2023

York is planning to join Bristol in attempting to outlaw cars from its city centre, although York's scheme goes quite a bit further than making diesel drivers feel a bit unwelcome, as it's planning to restrict all forms of combustion car from its densely packed historical maze of a centre. Read More >>

David Attenborough is Heading to Yorkshire to Open Jurassic Exhibition

It's not quite the same one as in the movies, but Yorkshire is getting its own Jurassic World — and nature documentary legend David Attenborough is heading up to officially open it. Read More >>

York Just Refused to Renew Uber’s Licence

London and Sheffield have both been in the news because regulators have ended up denying Uber the chance o renew its operating licence for a variety of reasons. London did it over concerns about the way the ride-hailing service operated, and Sheffield thanks to what's being described as an "administration error" (though apparently that situation has been dealt with). Now York has become the third UK city to do the same, and it's got a totally new reason for it. Read More >>

Did You Know That it’s the End of the World This Saturday in York?

A bunch of Vikings are preparing for Ragnarok, or the end of the world, this weekend. They are doing so by gathering in York to hold a strongman contest and see who has the best beard. Fun for all the family, unless the world does end, in which case you're stuck in York with a bunch of bearded historical enthusiasts for your final moments. Read More >>

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Every New York Time Lapse Fused Into One

This is beautiful, like an animated Monet painting of New York City. Our very own Matt Toder had this simple but amazing idea: to take every single cool NYC time lapse and layer them together into one single video. Read More >>