Why Indigenous Youth Were 2019’s Climate Warriors

If there was any year to honour the youth, 2019 sure as hell would be it. Around the world this year, young people took to the streets and demanded their governments take action to address climate change. Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg has been held up as the face of the new youth movement, but even she’s admitted she’s new to this fight. You know who aren’t? Indigenous youth. Read More >>

‘Hypocrites’: Teens Scorn UN Climate Talks, Take Over the Streets

Yesterday was Friday, so you know what that means: the teens were striking from school and hitting the streets. This time, however, the stakes felt a little bit higher as world leaders gather in Madrid, for an international climate conference where they’re supposed to be strengthening the Paris Agreement. And youth from around the globe are staying on message about the system-wide overhaul needed to save the planet from, well, ourselves. Read More >>

23 Questions for Greta Thunberg, 19th-Century Gold Miner and Time Traveller

Some might say that individuals like Greta Thunberg, the teen climate activist from Sweden, are one of a kind. Well, then, tell me what to make of this archived image showing a Thunberg look-alike in the year 1898. If there is only one blessed Thunberg, what the dickens is she doing in 19th century Yukon mining gold? Read More >>

Thanks, Greta: ‘Climate Strike’ Is a Word of the Year

2019 is about to wrap, which means dictionaries are choosing their words of the year. For Collins Dictionary, “climate strike” took the prize. Read More >>

Kids Strike Around the World to Raise the Alarm on Climate Change

More than a million young people were expected to walk the streets on Friday in an international protest demanding action on climate change. The latest climate strike went live, with hundreds of thousands of students having walked out of school in places like New Zealand, India, South Africa, Nigeria and throughout Europe, reports CNN. Next was the U.S. Read More >>

Five Inspiring Science Projects Designed by Teens

The amazing thing about the Google Science Fair isn't so much the ambitious projects that spring from it, but who creates them: teenagers worldwide between 13 and 18 years. Google has announced the 15 global finalists for this year's competition. They're all spectacular, but here are five that stood out. Read More >>

Science Finds Fountain of Youth Brain Region That Slows Down Aging

Eternal or even elongated life is an idiotic thing to wish for. You don't want to get old, and then tack on 50 more years of wrinkles and Metamucil. But prolonged youth? Full body youth? More time being young and nubile and beautiful? Absolutely. And the key to that could lie right inside your brain. Read More >>

Scientists Clear a Path to the Fountain of Eternal Youth

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered an efficient and totally safe method to turn adult blood cells "all the way back to the way [they were] when that person was a 6-day-old embryo." The discovery could be the key to cure the incurable—from heart attacks to severed spinal cord to cancer—and open the door, some day, to eternal youth. Read More >>

I Was a Teenage Hacker

Twenty-four years ago today, I had a very bad day. Read More >>