Why Twitter Started Banning Some of Its Youngest Users

Twitter, in an effort to comply with the European Union’s privacy-centric General Data Protection Regulation, has begun to suspend accounts belonging users who were under the age of 13 when they first signed up. While the cynic in me is all for Twitter cleansing its service of youths, it isn’t exactly implementing age restriction as you might think. In effect, Twitter is engaging in some retroactive account suspension, forcing some users now over 13 to create brand new accounts. Sorry about your personal brand, teens. Read More >>

Police Suggest Wearable “Wi-Fi Jammers” Might be Better Than Prisons

Young people caught doing something bad might soon have to face a terror worse than prison -- a wearable Wi-Fi jammer that blocks all modern fun and sends them back to the 1980s. Read More >>

Apparently No One at CNN Has Ever Sexted Before

CNN is the latest publication to publish an alarmist guide to teen sexting. It's full of nonsensical combinations of letters that no human would ever tap into a text. But to be sure, we took some of this absurdist lingo for a spin, just to make sure it's totally bonkers. It is. Read More >>