YouTube Basically Admits Algorithms Aren’t Such Good Babysitters After All

In its latest attempt to please anxious parents, YouTube is finally offering an option to (slightly) favour human moderators over algorithms in its app for kids. The YouTube Kids app now lets parents limit the selection of channels kids can watch to those that are human-curated. Along with some other changes, this should make it less likely that junior sees a video of Peppa the Pig drinking bleach during screen time. Read More >>

YouTube Kids Will Finally Offer a Mode Where Actual Humans Actually Bother to Vet the Videos

After months of harsh coverage of the malicious or inappropriate content that keeps popping up on YouTube Kids, ranging from videos of Peppa Pig drinking bleach to David Icke conspiracy rants, Google seems to have partially conceded and is planning on rolling out a human-curated version of the app. Read More >>

YouTube Kids Has Videos on How Reptilians Rule the World, Moon Landing Was Fake 

YouTube Kids, the supposedly child-friendly version of YouTube that’s been shown to often play host to troves of slop content and disturbing videos, apparently was showing videos from British conspiracy theorist David Icke, a guy who believes reptilian aliens secretly control the world and are responsible for the Holocaust. Read More >>

The YouTube Kids App Will Protect Your Little Ones From Dirty Videos, Most of the Time

Google’s launched a child-friendly version of YouTube in the UK and Ireland, which should shield the apples of your eye from inappropriate online content. On YouTube, at least, and even then it might not always work. Read More >>

YouTube Kids App is “Hyper-Commercialised”, Complain US Parents

When the YouTube Kids app was announced six weeks ago, it seemed like a nice, safe way to ensconce your child in a fuzzy walled garden of Sesame Street and a certain friendly Tank Engine. But according to a complaint filed in the US with the Federal Trade Commission, it’s exposing kids to a “hyper-commercialised” environment with basically no safeguards. Read More >>

Parent Groups Furious at YouTube Kids’ McDonald’s Advertorial Channels

Google's YouTube Kids app is far from being the sedate and innocent babysitter Google would have us believe, with US campaigners suggesting the way it blends editorial content with advertorial misleads children for the benefit of the world's super-rich brand behemoths. Read More >>